Your AirPods 3 need these covers: so you can keep them protected

Of course if you were looking for an AirPods 3 case that was classical, this is one of the best options you will be able to find. It is made of a material that you surely know well enough, which is the silicone, so in terms of protection you will not have to worry as soon as you insert the case into this accessory.

In addition, the manufacturer offers you a great variety of colors so you can choose the one you like the most. It also has a small carabiner that will allow you to hang the case anywhere, either in your backpack or even in the jeans you are wearing. Finally, you have to know that at all times you will be able to see the light of the AirPods, since the silicone from which it is made allows the light to pass through.

ESR HaloLock Soft Case for AirPods 3

ESR HaloLock

Previously we commented that one of the points that you have to take into account when choosing a case for your AirPods is the compatibility of this with MagSafe charging. Well, this silicone case will allow you without any problem to be able to use all the accessories you have with this technology together with your third generation AirPods.

The material from which this cover is made is silicone, which allows shock absorption to keep the case fully protected against drops or scratches that may occur during the daily use of these devices. In addition, it is a non-slip material and that allows the light to pass so that you can know the information that it gives off in relation to the charge level. It is available in several very attractive colors.

leQuiven AirPods 3

leQuiven AirPods 3

If what you want is a cover that protects a lot and very well The charging case of your headphones, this option from leQuiven you have to take into account because, without any doubt, it will be difficult to find a case that is capable of protecting so much, since if there is one thing that stands out, it is because of its robustness.

Is made of high quality carbon fiber silicone. It has a very safe mechanism to open the AirPods, so that it will prevent them from accidentally coming out of the case and losing them without realizing it. Aesthetically they break a bit with Apple’s design line, but without a doubt the protection of this case is assured. It is available in both black and red.

Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen Rugged Armor

One of the manufacturers that makes an appearance in practically every compilation of accessories for Apple products is Spigen, and of course, on its own merits. In this case we could say that the cover they offer is a mix between the two concepts that we have taught you so far, since on the one hand it maintains a minimalist design, but on the other hand it is also capable of provide extra protection to the AirPods.

This case is made of hybrid polymer that provides a solid double layer that has been specially designed to protect the AirPods charging case from drops, bumps or scratches that it may suffer on a day-to-day basis. In addition, due to its design and construction material, it is a case that is kept clean and without fingerprints, and that is present in a very attractive matte black color.

Give joy to your AirPods 3 with these fun cases

Cases, whether for the iPhone, Mac, iPad or any device, are always a great opportunity to give a fun touch to the products, and obviously with these AirPods 3 it was not going to be an exception. That is why we have made a small compilation of options that, without any doubt, are really fun for one reason or another. We will talk about them below.

CACOE Silicone Case compatible with AirPods 3

CACOE Silicone Cover

If you are one of those people who do not like to have their things taken without permission, without a doubt this case from the CACOE brand will come in handy for you. It has a design that, at first glance, may seem very simple, but hides a message that will make many people think twice if they take your AirPods without permission.

It is a case very thin, compact and offering great protection to the case of your AirPods. It is made of flexible silicone material that will be able to avoid scratches as well as possible bumps or falls that the case may suffer during daily use. In addition, you will be able to access the charging port without any problem without having to remove the cover from the headphones.

elago AW5 Case compatible with AirPods

elago AW5

Surely for all video game lovers who have third generation AirPods this elago case will make them fall in love. Count with one very playful design, and never better said, since adopt the aesthetics of one of the most mythical consoles that practically everyone knows and that, as we said, gives it a fun touch without increasing the size of the charging case.

This holster is made of silicone So it will give you that protection that after all, all users look for when putting a cover on their AirPods case. It also offers a small carabiner that is ideal for hanging your AirPods case almost anywhere, from your backpack to the pants you wear every day.

elago Ice Cream Case with Carabiner compatible with AirPods 3

elago ice cream cover

We continue with options that the elago brand puts on the table to all owners of AirPods 3 who want to protect their charging case in a different way, because of course If this alternative stands out for something, it is because it is different. It has a design that imitates a tasty ice cream that we all like to eat in summer when the heat makes an appearance.

This case is made of silicone, and how you can see from the image, in this case it does increase the size of the charging case considerably, but the reality is that aesthetically it is very fun and, above all, very original. Now, if what you want is that your AirPods go unnoticed, with this option of elago you will not be able to get it.

Oihxse Silicone Cover Compatible with AirPods 3

Oihxse Silicone Cover

We take a really big turn in terms of covers and it is that this option provided by the Oihx brand has been achieved, in terms of design, almost completely maintain the aesthetics that Apple has achieved with the AirPods 3, but at the same time giving it a personal and elegant touch. It is a totally transparent cover that has a very well elaborated drawing in black.

Is made of flexible TPU odorless that will keep the case of your third generation AirPods well protected against possible shocks, falls or scratches that it may suffer. Without any doubt it is a very elegant and original option that is ideal both for you and to be able to give a gift to someone special at any given time.

elago AW3 Case compatible with AirPods 3

elago AW3

We end this section of the compilation with an alternative that is again from the elago brand, but that without any doubt for all lovers of the bitten apple brand will be an option that they will have to take into account yes or yes. The design of this case is born from one of the first Apple Macs, and the reality is that they have managed to replicate it wonderfully.

Again, this is a cover that is made of silicone, and given the thickness of it, you will not have to worry at any time whether the case is going to be protected or not. At the same time, this is one of the handicaps of this elago alternative, and it is that caused by the design, this sleeve dramatically increases the size of the case charging, although surely for many users this will be worth it.

Leather covers

Obviously we could not finish this compilation of covers for AirPods without giving you at least two alternatives that were made of leather, providing that elegant touch that products of this type always provide. Although aesthetics is what stands out the most in this case, protection is also a highlight of a material such as leather, so we encourage you to take into account the two options that we are going to talk about next.

elago Leather Sheath with Carabiner

elago leather sheath with carabiner

As we said, a point that leather products always contribute is elegance, and that is the word with which we can perfectly define this leather case from the elago brand, which again makes an appearance in this compilation. Its design is completely different to what we have taught you so far and it sure does not leave anyone indifferent.

The material it is made of is leather, providing on the one hand that attractive aesthetic, but also the level of protection that devices such as AirPods 3 deserve to have. It also has a small carabiner that perfectly matches the color of the case and that, obviously, you can use to hang your AirPods case anywhere.

AirPods 3 2021 ICARER Leather Case


We finish with the option that puts the ICARER brand on the table. In this case the design is fully aligned with what Apple has used to design the case of the AirPods 3. It has a small hole in the front so that you can see the light that gives you the information about the battery of the headphones.

Despite being made of leather, has a really thin thickness that will give you a very pleasant experience when taking your AirPods together with this case. As we said, the skin not only gives you aesthetically, but also in terms of protection, it is one of the best options you can find to keep the charging case of your headphones in perfect condition.

Which one are we left with?

As is usual in this type of compilation, we always like to tell you which of all the options mentioned seems to us the most appropriate. This is a totally personal opinion, and that may be in line with yours or not, so we encourage you to be the one who, in case of acquiring any of the aforementioned options, make the decision to go for one or the other.

If we focus on the more classic covers, the one that has caught our attention the most is that of Spigen, since it perfectly mixes a careful design and an extra protection. As for the funniest options, without a doubt our favorite is the elago brand that mimics the design of the Macintosh. Finally, in the leather cases we also opted for lto elago alternative, especially for its elegant design.

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