Your Android mobile will no longer envy the music experience of the iPhone

Apple Music on Android wins Lossless and Spatial Audio

Until now, only Apple devices, and not all, could enjoy two important improvements through Apple Music: the lossless sound and spatial audio. Between the two it is clear that the spatial sound is much more impressive and striking, for the other one must have a well-trained ear and adequate headphones and speakers to notice this greater richness in reproduction.

However, Apple released a new update to its streaming music application, Apple Music for Android, which adds Lossless and Spatial Audio thanks to Dolby Atmos. Logically with the same limitations as in Apple mobile devices, but still interesting.

How to enable Lossless Audio on Android

Well, as you may be thinking by now, to activate lossless audio to your Android device, the first thing you have to do is update the Apple Music application to its latest version from the Play Store. From there, the steps you have to follow are practically the same as to activate Apple Lossless on Apple devices.

  1. Open the app Apple Music on your android phone
  2. Go to the Settings and now search Audio quality
  3. Select the quality you want to use in the menu below: Lossless, High Efficiency, WiFi-only streaming, Lossless audio downloads
  4. Then, as in iOS, select if you want that audio to use little data consumption, be it high quality, Lossledd (24 bit and 498 kHz) or Lossless High Definition (24 bit and 192 kHz)

Keep in mind that when you activate lossless audio the data consumption is higher, so your data rate may fall short if you make intensive use of the Appme Music app. And remember also that, as with the iPhone, iPad, etc., the lossless sound is limited to the use of headphones with cables or next to DACs or internal and external speakers. If you intend to use True Wireless headphones you will not be able to.

Apple Lossless or Spatial Audio

Object-based spatial sound

As we have already mentioned on occasion, although both options represent an improvement in the user experience, the truth is that the sound without loss of quality is less striking than the gain in spatial audio.

It is something similar to what happens or would happen if we were given a choice between HDR content or 8K sound. Both are improvements over the current one, but the increase in resolution is more difficult to appreciate than HDR. Therefore, it is better to have that ability to enjoy spatial sound and everything that Dolby Atmos technology supposes to an increase in quality that many users have to have a sound system or adequate headphones to appreciate them, since everyone is not worth it. .

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