Your Discord friends will know what you’re playing on your PS5 with this feature

Linking PlayStation Network and Discord is already a reality

In May 2021Sony and Discord announced a association. Discord’s services would become integrated within the Discord ecosystem. PlayStation Network. Great news for all those owners of a PlayStation. Initially, not many details were given, so we do not know what features this union would have or if this feature would be exclusive to PS5.

After a few months of waiting, Discord has already started supporting the connection of PlayStation Network accounts. The service is gradually reaching users, starting with players in the United States and spreading to the rest of the world after a series of stages. Now we also know that we can enjoy Discord on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. It is appreciated that Sony continues to bet on its previous generation console. The Japanese know that many gamers plan to make the jump to PS5 as soon as possible, but stock limitations continue to be an obstacle for most fans of the brand.

How can I tell if PSN x Discord is already in my country?

Knowing if you can already link your Discord and PlayStation Network accounts is very simple. Use any Discord desktop or mobile app and go to User Settings > Connections. The PlayStation Network logo should appear in that section. If it doesn’t show up, you’ll have to wait a few weeks until it’s your turn.

How to connect your Discord account to PlayStation Network

login discord psn

Linking your Discord profile to your PlayStation Network account pretty much follows the same process as linking the account to the rest of the available services like Twitter, Twitch, Steam, Xbox, Spotify or Youtube.

The steps you must follow they are exactly the same regardless of whether you use the mobile app, the Windows / macOS app, or the web version.

  1. open your app from Discord.
  2. go to User Settings > Connections.
  3. Click on the icon PlayStation Network.
  4. Then a window will open in your default browser.
  5. Fill in the data in this window by placing your psn-id (the email with which you are registered) and your password.
  6. It is possible that the web asks you for an OTP if you have it configured. Insert the key of the two-step verification and follow the process.
  7. At this point, you will get the typical window of permit authorization. They will inform you that Sony and Discord will be able to share all the data that you have generated in either of your two accounts, as well as your email, your social network information and other necessary information such as PSN trophies. If you agree, proceed by clicking the button ‘Accept’.

Discord Privacy Settings on PlayStation

privacy psn discord

Once the previous procedure is done, once you start a video game on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, your Discord contacts will be able to see the title you are playing in the public status bar of your profile.

If you are interested in having a little privacy —or you don’t want your contacts to know how dirty you get into FIFA—, you can deactivate a couple of options.

  1. In your Discord app, go back to User Settings > Connections.
  2. In the list of linked applications, slide the window down and locate andthe PlayStation iconwhere your PlayStation Network account details will appear.
  3. deactivate ‘Display on profile’ if you don’t want your Discord contacts to know when you’re online with your PS4 or PS5.
  4. Uncheck the option ‘Display PlayStation Network as your status’ if what you want is not to show the title of the video game you are playing as a status in your e Discord bar.

What to do if Discord isn’t showing my PSN status

ps5 discord integration

Most players will keep the two previous options activated. However, it may happen that, when playing, Discord does not reflect the information from PlayStation Network.

This is not due to a bad link, but to a permissions problem generated by the conflict between the privacy settings of Discord and those of PlayStation Network. If this is your case, don’t worry. it’s pretty easy to fix.

If you Discord status does not reflect the same status as your PSN account, you must follow the following steps to put everything in order. You can do it from your own console or using a web browser, although we anticipate that it is much easier if you do it directly from your PS4 or PS5. During the process, you may be prompted with a dialog asking you to enter your PlayStation Network password.

From a browser on a PC or Mac

  1. Sign in to your PlayStation Network account.
  2. Go to Settings of PSN Privacy.
  3. Change your visibility from ‘PSN Online Status’ Y ‘Playing Now’ To anybody’.

on PlayStation 4

  1. go to Settings > Accounts administration > Privacy Settings.
  2. Set the settings so that anyone can see your psn online status.

On PlayStation 5

  1. Turn on your console and go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Privacy and click on the option ‘View and customize privacy settings’.
  2. Browse to change your settings. You’ll need to set up any user to be able to see your PlayStation Network online status, as well as your online status. ‘Playing Now’.
  3. Within the preset profiles, it should work for you with the first of all, called ‘Social and Open’, although you can customize fit as you want as long as you maintain the privileges so that the Discord link has enough permissions to read your PlayStation Network status and post it to your profile.

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