Your gaming PC in a truck model? This is how the modding would look

The world of fully custom computers where users customize from the box to the processor is exciting to say the least, since its fans are people who dedicate hours of their free time not only to decide and place the internal pieces of the hardware, but also the boxes that will mount these.

In some cases these PCs are simply spectacular, with thematic designs and even custom-made from scratch. In the example we are dealing with, we are talking about a PC box based on something as mundane as one in the shape of a Mercedes RC trailer, but no less meritorious and worthy of attention.

A gaming PC inside a toy truck?

One of the most popular sagas of simulation games on PC is Truck Simulator and the Reddit user u / imthatguy77 is a good fan of truck driving simulator. That is why since last November 2020 he has worked on a totally personalized PC where he shows his love for the saga. The truth is that it is surprising to have placed an entire computer designed for games in such a small space.

We must clarify that the PC Gaming box is not a vulgar toy truck to use, but a 1:14 scale model of the Mercedes RC that inside the trailer has installed a Mini-ITX Gaming PC with the following technical specifications:

  • An Intel Core i5-9400F CPU with 6 cores and the same number of threads.
  • 16 GB RAM memory
  • An EVGA 2060 KO graphics card.
  • An AIO cooling system on the front of the case.
  • 550 W power supply.

Regarding the specifications and thermal data, these are of 32nd for CPU and 37th for GPU, which does not change its temperature when the workload increases, although the processor that go up to 55º. It is not a PC that can be used to run the latest generation games, but it is more than enough if you want to play Truck Simulator and its sequel.

The surprises of this custom build do not end here, since its creator has placed it on the back of the tractor unit a 5-inch screen powered by USB cable and controlled by an Arduino. Thanks to this, you can consult the real-time information on consumption and temperature of this Gaming PC. As you can see, it is a PC to which its creator has put several hours of his free time to have it finally assembled.

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