Your hardware doesn’t support Windows 11? Go thinking about changing PC

Windows 11 is available to Insider users and as such, many are thoroughly testing it to discern whether or not it is worth it. In an unexpected script twist on the part of those in Redmond, their new operating system launches a spectacular and unprecedented screening of PC hardware, which has drawn criticism from all the media and Internet forums.

There will be no truce or going back, Microsoft will not change the installation requirements

As expected after a decision of this scale and knowing the problems, Microsoft has remained firm in its position with Aria Carley at the helm. Recapping quickly, to install Windows 11 on a PC and outside the speed or core requirements, GB of RAM installed etc … Microsoft is demanding that we have one of these three security factors: TPM 2.0 (as external module or soldered in board) Intel PTT or AMD fTPM.

Then there is the list of compatible processors that has been the focus of the fury of the users, because only the processors of the 8000 series onwards from Intel and those of the 2000 series of the AMD Ryzen will be “suitable”, leaving in the lurch to Very powerful CPUs and plenty of performance for not having any of the three commented parameters.

Until now, a trick in the Windows registry allowed bypassing the company’s restrictions, but this will definitely end in the final version, something that Microsoft has confirmed. The reasons for leaving all these CPUs and platforms behind are, to say the least, subject to debate and mark a before and after.

A “mandatory” hardware change in order to install Windows 11?

Windows 11 TPM

Aria Carley has dispelled all doubts at a stroke, so if we had hopes of a reversal of the company, better forget it and accept reality:

So we talked about this new hardware floor about which devices are eligible and which are not. And we know it sucks that some are not eligible for Windows 11. But the reason we do it is to keep devices more productive, have a better experience, and most importantly, have better security than before so they can stay protected in this new “workforce.”

Also, Group Policy (the aforementioned registry “hack”) will not allow you to bypass the hardware selection for Windows 11. We will continue to prevent you from upgrading your PC to a supported state as we really want to make sure your devices remain being compatible and safe.

Therefore, there is no hope that Microsoft will back down. If your hardware and components are not supported in the listings, if you don’t have TPM 2.0, Intel PTT, or AMD fTPM in BIOS enabled, you will not be able to install Windows 11 on your PC, that is how clear the company has it and the arguments do not really seem weighty enough to leave out millions of computers around the world. Is Microsoft wrong? or is security based on TPM and its derivatives really so necessary?

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