“Your hell began,” said a designer to his ex-wife; then he burned his three-year-old son and committed suicide

A renowned German designer called Clemens Weisshaar committed suicide after allegedly murder his son, after threatening your ex-wife and not giving the child back. Before the crime, the man Sent an email to the mother of the three-year-old, saying “your hell has begun“.

This case, which has generated commotion in Portugal, is being investigated as murder-suicide, started in early November, when Clemens did not return his son Tasso to his mother, the British fashion and magazine director Phoebe arnold. The man threatened the child’s mother several times with hurting him to convince her to come back.

The couple had been together for five years and they had moved to the Portuguese country, however, the relationship ended in July of this year due to the pandemic, but also because Weisshaar was violent, she I had not let him see the three-year-old but until last October 30, when he allowed him to go for Tasso on the condition that he return it on November 1.

However, that did not happen. The boy did not return home and his mother reported the disappearance both Clemens and little Tasso. Arnold told police that the man threatened her multiple times with hurting the child if she did not reconsider living together again. According to The Mirror, she showed the police the messages her ex-husband had sent her.

They found them lifeless

It was then that authorities began the search for Clemens, 44, and Tasso. They deployed a series of drones and tracking dogs. Attempts to find them had not yielded results, until this Sunday, November 7

According to official information, the emergency services found the clemens car inside the Herdade da Ribeira Abaixo Diversity Station; the man presented a head shot and he was very close to his vehicle, which was burned.

Inside the car, lay the body of the little lifeless Tasso. The authorities of Grandola, Portugal, where they found the car, already They inquire if the boy was killed before or after he was set on fire, relates The Mirror.

During the search for the man and his son, the investigators spoke with witnesses. According to international media, the last time they saw the designer it was in a family restaurant-bar close to the boy’s school, called Taberna dos Mosqueiroes.

Dulce Ermida, the owner of the establishment, related that she saw Weisshaar October 29, but alone, although it confirmed that Tasso and Phoebe had gone to the place before before they parted ways. Later he learned that they were both missing, but he never imagined what the man did with his son; the woman said she was upset and in shock: “We never imagined for a moment that things would end in a terrible and frightening way.”


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