Your Kindle will be updated for the first time in years: these are the news

A change of scenery on your screen

So far we have always been able to enjoy a good number of options on the Kindle. The device has many features (some of them unknown) that make reading a book in it a real joy – and that’s not to mention everything you can customize.

Now this range is expanding thanks to an update that Amazon has put into circulation. It is the first at the level of software of this type that we have seen in years (we are talking that the last one was in 2016, be careful with this; since then we have only seen minor corrections and fixes) and that it will provide your device with certain new features in the Interface that you surely appreciate.

These are the changes you’ll find on the Kindle:

  • Two new tabs in the lower part of the screen, with access to the «Home» and the «Library», thus facilitating the change between sections and navigation.
  • New top arrow that gives access to the most used functions such as airplane mode, Bluetooth activation, dark mode or access to the rest of the settings.
  • New brightness controller in the quick access section.

When, how and what models?

Amazon began advising Kindle users of the update’s arrival last Friday, stating that it will be rolled out to devices in the coming weeks.

Probably what you are now wondering is whether or not your model will receive this update. The teams compatible with it are all Kindle 8th generation onwards, Kindle Paperwhite 7th generation or higher and Kindle Oasis.

Kindle update software

If your Kindle is connected to the Wi-Fi network, the update package will install automatically without you having to do or activate anything. Of course, be patient: these releases are not immediate and usually take weeks to reach everyone. Keep that in mind.

The Kindles, the kings of reading

No matter how many e-reader alternatives exist, the Kindle are still the kings of the party. This team, created by Amazon, makes up a large family of models that fit all kinds of pockets and needs.

From the Kindle more basic, with a fantastic cost that does not exceed 90 euros, at Oasis, the most sophisticated of all, going through the Paperwhite, the favorite of many for how well it balances quality / price.

They all have their audience and convince a user who finds in this device the perfect (and comfortable) support for read books and be also connected to the great library of the company (remember that all have at least a Wi-Fi connection). You need little more to lose yourself for hours in reading.

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