Your laptop will fly with this new type of RAM, but at what price?

The use of mobile RAM in computers was seen as something anecdotal a few years ago, however, it has become good enough to be used instead of DDR4 and DDR5 in computers. His only handicap? It comes soldered to the board and, therefore, makes it impossible to update. However, it is still advancing from performance demands in both markets. The last? The LPDDR5TWhat news does it bring?

One of the differences between Intel and AMD laptop microprocessors is the support in their integrated memory controller not only for the latest generations of DDR memory, but also for LPDDR memory. Since there are manufacturers of this type of computer that do not integrate SO-DIMM slots in order to have the thinnest computer possible. Well, a new memory for low consumption devices has appeared, which in terms of bandwidth has nothing to envy to the most advanced for computers.

What is LPDDR5T?

It is an improved version of the LPDDR5X, which can operate at a speed of 9600 Mbps per pin transfer. Said figure is at least curious, since hea LPDDR5T has the exact same transfer speed as DDR5-4800. Let’s not forget that both memories are of the Dual Data Rate type and can transmit two bits Hz or clock cycle. Its speed is higher than LPDDR5X only by 13% and it would not be a new memory format, but a variant created by SK Hynix.


At the moment, the chip is manufactured in samples for customers who want to integrate it into their equipment with a 16 GB capacity and 77 GB/s bandwidth. Which means that each chip has a 64-bit bus with the processor. Whether the latter is that of a mobile phone or the CPU of a laptop.

We do not know other details about the LPDDR5T, such as the issue of energy consumption compared to other memories or if there is a higher latency compared to the LPDDR5X. In any case, with an increase in bandwidth of less than 15% we cannot expect big changes. And everything indicates that we could be facing the umpteenth trick of launching the chips that can reach the highest clock speeds as a separate product on a commercial level.

On what devices will we see it?

The answer is simple, high-end mobiles and laptops, where thanks to the dual nature of the integrated memory controller and that it already supports these speeds with DDR5, it will be very easy for Intel and AMD to adapt their processors compatible with LPDDR5X to the new LPDDR5T with a simple upgrade. On the other hand, in mobile phones, since the speed limit was 8500 Mbps or 4750 MHz, it will be necessary to launch new chips that support the new type of memory. It is not expected that it will be long before we see this memory in various products on store shelves.

LPDDR memories

Finally, another issue is the price, and that is that we expect the laptops that include it to be more expensive, not only because they justify the higher performance of the new memory, but also because the contracts with the different assemblers that use LPDDR5T in their products will raise prices, a general trend throughout the sector and where we will not see an exception in this year 2023 due to the economic situation.

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