Your Mac can read texts for you aloud: this is how to configure it

Apple is a company that takes great care of all its users, proof of this is the amount of accessibility functions that all its devices have. Well, in this case we want to talk to you about one of the most interesting functions on Mac with respect to being able to read the content on the screen with a couple of clicks.

This is how this action is configured

For all the people who have problems when reading the content that appears on the Mac screen, the Cupertino company has an Accessibility option that allows the Mac to read all that content, although it is also valid for any type of userregardless of whether you have problems or not.

If you want to try it yourself, all you have to do is set up a keyboard shortcut that also you can customize to your liking to make it as comfortable as possible to use. You can even make a controller appear on the screen itself to change the speed of speech, stop it or go backwards.

  1. On your Mac, press specific keyboard shortcut, which by default is Option + Esc. In this way, if when pressing this combination there is a selected text, it will be read, if not, all the text elements available in that window will be read. In case there are no texts available, a beep will sound.
  2. If you want stop the speech you just have to press this key again.

And this is how it can be customized

As we told you before, within macOS you have the possibility to customize the controls that allow you to carry out the voiceover of the content that you have available on your computer screen. In this way and following the steps that we indicate below, you will be able to adapt the controls that will allow you to carry out this action to your liking or your needs.

  1. On your Mac, select the apple menu.
  2. Click on System preferences, go into Accessibility and select «Read content«.
  3. Choose the box «Read selection«. To configure a keyboard shortcut other than the default and change other settings, click Choices.
    • Keyboard shortcut: Press the key combination you want to use.
    • Highlight content: Click the drop-down menu and select whether you want words, sentences, or both to be highlighted as your Mac reads them. You can also click on the “Word Color” and “Speech Color” menus to choose the color that highlights them.
    • Statement style: Click on the drop-down menu so that the sentences read are underlined or their background changes color.
    • Show controller: Click the drop-down button to choose to automatically show the controller when you press the keyboard shortcut or to indicate whether you want it to always or never show.Accessibility options
  4. When you have finished selecting your options, click ‘OK’.

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