Your NVIDIA or AMD is not saved: GPU deaths continue in New World

The investigation is ongoing and despite the fact that the company as such has closed the page, some manufacturers have spoken out and everything seems buried, the reality is that graphics cards continue to fail and die in the vast majority of cases. It is hitting NVIDIA more than AMD, it is true, but it is also true that the sales of the first are much higher, so the balance could be more or less balanced and affect both companies in a similar way, but what news there about this?

The investigation turns to NVIDIA, problems in the power phases

It had to be a YouTube user who put white on black again on this issue. Thanks to a graphics card from another user who died in New World and which provided this first user for his diagnosis, it is how now we know what was failing.

Although the game has had patches and fixes to prevent the problems, they have not stopped happening and all eyes have been on the GPU manufacturers, but can they all be wrong at the same time?

Well, it seems not, because the analyzed card is a GIGABYTE RTX 3090 VISION OC and after going through a multimeter it is perfectly appreciated how a 12 volt connection fuse has blown, causing the resistances and corresponding phases to fail.

Do the GPUs affected by New World have a solution?

As specified, it is enough to remove the blown fuse and the power phase that was in bad condition due to it and the card works again, but this does not solve anything but leaves the card more lame and with a greater risk of failure.

Windows will recognize the card, we can even play some undemanding game, but when it comes to giving it a very high load we will be forcing the phases attached to it, which is a big problem in an RTX 3090 due to its consumption and amperage.

This also occurs in the rest of the model, although to a lesser extent despite the fact that the components are also in fewer numbers. The problem is that, at the moment, nobody can explain why the cards fail, in the case of EVGA it seems detected (in theory), but how is it possible that a game breaks a GPU if it has to go through the API and the driver first? Does he have erratic or erratic behavior that neither of the two mentioned can stop?

How is it possible that a game ends up breaking hardware when an extreme stress test run for hours fails? It seems that we will have to wait even longer to know the answer, but somehow it gives the impression that we lived another controversy like the POSCAP vs MLCC at the time.

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