your PC will soon be much more efficient in gaming, here’s how

Are you a PC gamer? We have good news for you. DirectX is about to receive a major update that should greatly improve the performance of your machine in game. To do this, the new version will allow the CPU and the GPU to simultaneously access the card’s VRAM chart. We explain to you.

As we know, Windows 11 does everything to attract players around the world. Microsoft’s latest operating system offers an armada of features dedicated to gaming, including the famous Direct Storage, which is starting to get people talking. And it’s not going to stop there. If you have been playing on PC for some time, then the name of DirectX certainly tells you something.

DirectX is an API used by developers when creating multimedia software, namely video games therefore, but also editing applications or 3D modeling. It is she who oversees all the operations related to the video on your computer, she plays a crucial role in the performance of the latter. And precisely, it is about to receive a particularly interesting update.

The next DirectX update will boost your PC’s performance

This update, called “GPU Upload Heaps”, therefore concerns DirectX 12. Concretely, this will unlock a limitation in the way your PC uses VRAM. As a reminder, VRAM is one of the components of the graphics card, which consists of a stock of RAM dedicated specifically to video. However, at present, the CPU and the GPU cannot simultaneously access the latter. When one is using VRAM, the other must patiently wait their turnwhich has a direct effect on PC performance.

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This is what the DirectX 12 update has changed. With this one both CPU and GPU will be able to use VRAM at the same time, eliminating bottlenecks. In other words, video games, but also all video or 3D creation software, should in theory experience a certain performance boost, without you having to do anything. Note that you will still need update your graphics card driver.

Source : Microsoft

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