Your PC won’t start due to a virus? Fix it with these Live antivirus

And there are many possible threats that surround us, especially if we use the internet on a regular basis. These can reach us by all kinds of routes, so we must be prepared in addition to taking certain precautions. That is why for all this the antivirus that we are talking about could be very helpful. Moreover, as we mentioned, these specific programs are almost essential in most of the PCs of all the world.

These are programs that generally protect us against all kinds of attacks. In addition, thanks to the constant updates they receive, they are prepared to face the latest threats. It is worth mentioning that the most used desktop operating system in the world, Windows 10, has its own antivirus, Windows Defender. However, there are many users who prefer to use third-party solutions to protect their equipment. As you probably already know, in the market there are a large number of programs in this sector that we can choose from.

Why do I need a Live antivirus

As we discussed the computer attacks that can reach our PC could be of various kinds. Some are more aggressive and complex than others, all depending on the type of malware that infects us. But be that as it may, nobody likes what unwanted elements access our computer and their saved data. Hence precisely the importance of having an updated antivirus on the computer.

But we already know that despite the need for this that we are commenting on, not everyone has software with these characteristics. Therefore the risks that these users are running are constant. It is true that you can always take some precautions in order to avoid the arrival of these malicious codes in a more manual way. But of course, neither the antivirus nor we ourselves are as effective as we would like.

That is precisely where the so-called Live antivirus or even bootable ones come into play. In the event that we have suffered a attack It is very serious that it does not allow us to access our computer, these specific types of antivirus will be very useful. The reason for this is simple, and it is that these will allow us to start the computer from a CD or a USB key with the antivirus that will try to recover the PC. Therefore, the usefulness of these Live antivirus is evident, since they will help us to repair a computer that we cannot access in a conventional way.

There is no doubt that you will not be able to access your own computer due to some type of virus, it is bad news in most cases. However, we are going to try to solve that with the bootable antivirus that we will talk about below.

Antivirus to boot the PC from a USB stick or CD

We have already told you about the advantages that this type of Live antivirus present us. Therefore at this point we will mention that we have at our disposal a good number of solutions of this type. So much so that below we are going to talk about some of the most important and used solutions of this type around the world. As you can imagine that the vast majority of them belong to security companies with a more than proven reputation and who have been with us for years.

So much so that among their protection products, they also offer users this type of Live antivirus so that we can start them from a pen drive or a CD. Now we only have to choose the one that interests us the most in each case from the wide variety that we will talk about.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

First of all we are going to refer to the solution of this type to protect our computer that a company of the importance of Kaspersky offers us. To begin with, we will tell you that you have the possibility to download Kaspersky Rescue Disk from this same link. To say that the file that we download here is not the usual executable of other programs, but a ISO image.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

Therefore, when we already have in our possession Kaspersky Rescue Disk, we only have to dump that image to the memory or the CD with which we want to start the computer. It is also the first time that we put it into operation, the first thing the software does is update its database, so we recommend that the fish in question be connected to the internet. Then the Live antivirus carries out its scan and to solve the problems we will only have to follow a simple wizard after selecting the units that we want to analyze and clean.

ESET SysRescue

On the other hand, we also find ourselves and can make use of the solution of this type proposed by another of the large security firms, ESET. Therefore, to recover our equipment, the firm offers us its solution called SysRescue, which we can download from this link. Here it is worth noting that we have the possibility of downloading the bootable file in ISO or IMG format.

ESET SysRescue

Say this is a security application that runs from a CD, DVD or USB memory, all this independently of the operating system of the equipment. Once we have started the computer with ESET SysRescue, the antivirus will have access to the disk drives and the file system. All this in order to be able to eliminate the threats that are blocking the startup of the operating system. Here It is worth mentioning that contrary to what happened in the previous case, the antivirus does not update itself when it is run. This is something that we will do by hand from its user interface, specifically from the Update section.

In the same way, we find a simple-to-use interface that allows us to analyze it independently of the operating system for malware.

AVG Rescue CD

In the sector of free conventional antivirus, one of the most widespread and used solutions around the world is the one presented by the firm AVG. It is more than likely that most of you this security company is very familiar to you. In this case, before downloading the image of the antivirus Live as such, we must be clear about the format of the device from which we are going to start the PC. We tell you this because from the official download website we have the possibility to choose one format or another. At this point we will tell you that for this you only have to access this link.

AVG Rescue CD

It must be recognized that the interface of this solution is not the most attractive, however in terms of functionality it is one of the most complete. We say this because when we start the Live antivirus we find a good number of functions available to scan and recover the damaged equipment. With an aspect similar to that found in the BIOS, we have the possibility of performing various types of analysis in search of malware. We can also configure the PC’s network connection or see the results of the latest scans, among other things.

Panda SafeCD

In this case we are going to focus on a well-known company focused on the security of our computer equipment. This is a firm that has been with us for a good number of years offering us all kinds of solutions. In this specific case we are going to focus on the call Panda SafeCD which, as its name suggests, is actually a Live antivirus. To start this software in the beginning we just have to download it from this link.

Panda SafeCD

Once Panda SafeCD has started, we find a window that presents us with several options to choose from. We must also bear in mind that the software works independently of the operating system and supports file systems. NTFS and FAT. It is also worth knowing that Live antivirus offers us a complete report once the initial scan of the computer has finished. At the same time, we will have the possibility to specify the units to analyze or what should be done with the malicious codes that are detected.

Avira Rescue System

Another of those firms especially focused on the world of security is Avira, which is why it also proposes its Live antivirus called Avira Rescue System. As its name gives us a hint at the outset, it is a software to recover a computer that we cannot access because it is infected. In order to download the ISO image with which we will start it, we can do it from this link.

Avira Rescue System Antivirus Live

To say that if something characterizes this rescue antivirus is the simplicity of use that it offers us from its intuitive interface. Of course, what we can not expect here are other additional functions to the scanning and cleaning of malicious codes. It is for all this reason that this specific solution is the most suitable for those who do not want to be too complicated when recovering their PC.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

When we talk about the product range Norton, almost no one needs a presentation since that is one of the best known software firms. Among the many security applications that we find here, the company also has one to solve the problems we have talked about. Specifically, it is Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, a Live antivirus that you will have the opportunity to download from here.

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Antivirus Live

In this way, what we really download is an ISO file of something less than a gig so that we can boot the damaged computer. Once running, Live antivirus offers us several types of analysis to try to clean and recover the PC. In this case, the additional functions available are more limited than in others, such as AVG’s antivirus. What we do find among these functions is an automatic to update the database of the security program.

Trend Micro Rescue Disk

Another interesting solution in this regard that we are going to find to download and use on our infected computer is Trend Micro Rescue Disk. To begin with, we will tell you that this is a Live antivirus that can be booted from a USB memory or a CD that we can download from here.

Unlike other solutions that we have seen before, in this case what we do is download an executable file that will allow us to create the image with the antivirus. So we can load it later on the device we choose. It is worth mentioning that this security solution does not need to load the system files into the memory of the PC, especially in case they are infected.

Trend Micro Rescue Disk Antivirus Live

At the same time, the antivirus is capable of scanning even the hidden files of the operating system. But that’s not all, but at the same time it carries out an analysis of the installed drivers and the master boot record or MBR. All this is done without changing anything in the operating system in the operating system, since the antivirus works independently of it.

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