Your PS5 SSD will always be cool with one of these heatsinks

One of the advantages of SONY PS5 console is that we can use any NVMe SSD in M.2 format as long as it meets a series of characteristics, which includes the addition of a heat sink, since due to its situation in the console the solid state drive has the risk of overheating . That is why we have made a list of the best heatsinks for the solid state drive of the new generation SONY console.

Although, before going to matter we have to bear in mind that since the SSD and its heatsink will be boxed in the same space, their measurements are limited.

Why is a heatsink recommended for PS5 external SSD?

The high transfer speeds achieved to communicate information in both directions not only consume high energy, but also generate a lot of heat. If we add to this that in PS5 the drawer where the external M.2 drive goes is in a not very privileged position in terms of ventilation, then we find a performance problem.

The M.2 drives are designed to extend their useful life by keeping them at a safe temperature as is the case with CPUs and GPUs, that is why they make use of mechanisms in which the transfer speed of the SSD is lowered. and this obviously affects performance. Although you can also find a unit that does not have these security systems or do not activate on PS5 and this can cause health problems.

But the fact of needing a heat sink for the external SSD of the PS5 console is not something we say, but what its manufacturer SONY recommends, and it does so under specific requirements. Let’s see what they are.

Specifications for PS5 External SSD Heatsinks

Internal PS5 SSD

Depending on the type of heat sink that we install next to the SSD, the measurements will be one or the other and as you can see in the images above we have three different options:

Install NVMe PS5 SSD

If we use an SSD with an integrated heat sink, then the width must be less than 25 mm and the height must not exceed 11.25 mm.

Install NVMe PS5 SSD

In the case that we want to install a single-sided heatsink and an M.2 drive that are not sold in one piece, then the height of the heatsink cannot exceed 8 mm in total, and that of the SSD must be 0.8 mm. In other words, both pieces together cannot exceed 8.8 mm. As for the width, it cannot be greater than the aforementioned 25 mm.

Install NVMe PS5 SSD

The last option is the use of a double-sided heat sink, the specifications must be the same for the SSD and the upper side as with those of one side and the heatsink that goes to the back side must not exceed 2 , 45 mm. So in total they cannot exceed 11.25 mm in height. And width? As with the other cases, 25 mm.

As you can see, it is a headache to choose which heatsink to place on our PS5, since it may not fit in the limited space that they leave us on the console.

Choosing a heatsink for your PS5’s SSD

NVMe PCIe SSD Trigger

There are currently a number of M.2 NVMe SSDs that meet SONY’s specifications for compatibility, both in terms of interface speed and the exact size heat sink as standard. That is why if it is the first time that you are going to update the storage of your PS5 they are the best option of all.

However, it is possible that for various reasons you have purchased an SSD for your PS5 that needs an external heat sink and you do not know which one to choose between the different options or you simply do not know which models to buy. That is why we have prepared a small list of the best that you can find on the market right now.

Be Quiet MC1 Heatsink for M.2 SSD

Be Quiet Heat Sink PS5

The first on our list is this heatsink from Be Quiet! which was released by the company three weeks ago and which is optimized for the PlayStation of the ninth generation of consoles. It is a very light SSD weighing only 50 grams.

There is a version that is the MC1 Pro that has greater dissipation capacity, but it has the counterpart that is higher than what the SONY console accepts, so try not to get confused.

EK Water Blocks EK-M.2, aluminum built heatsink

Heatsink SSD PS5 EK Water Blocks

This heatsink is ideal to accompany the SSD of your PS5, it is a unit built in aluminum and stainless steel that has a weight of only 10 grams in total and meets the size specifications of the heatsink to cool the unit of SONY console storage expansion,

Icy Box IB-M2HS, slim but functional

Icy Box PS5 Heatsink

The third option on the list is a heat sink that, like the previous one, is also made of aluminum, however we believe that it is a worse option due to the fact that it is only 5 mm high and therefore has less heat dissipation capacity and is that according to the manufacturer’s specifications it reaches 1.5 watts per Kelvin meter of thermal conductivity.

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