Your PS5 will know when you connect it to a Sony TV to calibrate the image

When you spend 500 euros on a next-generation console and another 1,500 euros on a Smart TV, the least you are going to expect to find is an excellent experience in terms of image and sound. Well, Sony has automated everything so that you do not have to do anything and get the best possible image quality when you play with their console.

Sony Auto Calibration

In a very smart move to integrate all its branches and services, Sony has developed a collaboration between Sony Interactive Entertainment and its Smart TV section so that the products of both departments work together to offer the best user experience. And what exactly does this translate into? Well, the PS5 console and the new family of Smart TVs BRAVIA XR they will communicate with each other to apply automatic calibrations on the image.

On the one hand, there will be the Auto HDR Tone Mapping. This function will be applied after the PS5 recognize which exact model of TV is being used, in order to know exactly the maximum brightness peak it can offer and calibrate the HDR settings based on this data. And is that the brightness can vary a lot between the different models of the brand, so the HDR will not look the same in all the models if we use the same settings.

Automatic activation of Game mode

New Sony Bravia 2022 TVs

The other automatic setting that can be applied is a very useful one, since the console will launch the game mode immediately if you are running one. If, on the other hand, you are playing a Blu-ray or multimedia content, it will order the Smart TV to activate the standard mode.

This function is really useful, since the game mode of Smart TVs reduce latency and show better response times, in addition to increasing brightness and contrast. The problem is that for some users constantly changing modes can be annoying, not to mention those who are unfamiliar with the function. Well, now the console will automatically activate it when you use one of the new BRAVIA XRs from 2022.

Keep in mind that this function is different from what we can find in the 2021 BRAVIA models called Auto Picture Mode, since it is a mode that identifies the genre of the title and launches the necessary settings.

Simplifying perfection

All these settings do nothing more than simplify the user’s tasks so that they only have to worry about looking at the screen and enjoying themselves. This is something that is obviously appreciated, since the result is an image quality superior to what we could have due to the lack of knowledge of the common user. These functions will be activated with a future update of the console, so once again it will be necessary to keep it updated to enjoy these features (although you will also need a Sony Smart TV, of course). Now we would really have the perfect combo.

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