Your Wii U is probably already dead, here’s why

You haven’t touched your Wii U for several years? So we have some bad news for you. It is very likely that this one is officially dead, because of the terrible error 160-0103. After first testimonies appeared in 2021, several players today declare having been victims of this fatal memory bug.

Wii U
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That was all it needed to complete the unfortunate Wii U. Nintendo has been preparing the ground for the death of its unloved console for years. After production stopped in 2017, only five years after its launch, the final blow will be delivered on March 27, when the online store will close, alongside that of the Nintendo 3DS.

But some players had to say goodbye earlier than expected, and if you also own a Wii U, chances are you’ll be forced to do the same. In recent days, on Twitter and Reddit to name a few, there has indeed been a resurgence of testimonials reporting the fatal appearance of error 160-0103.

What is the 160-0103 error, which permanently buries the Wii U?

The problem has been known for several years now. In 2021, first testimonies surfaced, evoking a black screen displaying an error code bearing the number 160-0103, linked to a problem with the system memory of the console. At the time, no solution had been found on the self-help forums, effectively condemning the Wii U concerned to death.

Two years later, the situation has unfortunately not changed. In fact, it even seems to have gotten worse. A post on Reddit, written by u/Useitorloseit2, sparked a new wave of testimonials on social media. All report the same black screen and the same error 160-0103, which occurs when starting the console or launching a game.

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However, all players who have encountered the phenomenon have one thing in common: they had not turned on their Wii U for years. Exactly the same thing happened to my Wii U last December when I turned it on, it probably hasn’t been used in 1 or 2 years. explains Super302/Soup on Twitter.

The Wii U not having received new games for years and the closing of the store is fast approaching, many other players have surely abandoned their console and therefore find themselves, without knowing it, in the same situation. If yours has been spared, we can only advise you to relight it regularly to prevent it from dying suddenly.

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