You’re bored? Cortana entertains you by counting riddles

When Windows 10 saw the light back in 2015, it came out with one of the great novelties of that moment, which was the appearance of Cortana, its personal assistant. Microsoft wanted to turn it into an element that would help us in our day to day, just as mobile assistants such as Siri on Apple and Ok Google can do on Android. However, nothing was as expected by Redmond and Cortana has been taking a back seat and reducing functions. Nowadays, their commands have been reduced, but they can at least entertain us by counting riddles if we are bored.

And it is that even as surprising as it may seem, the years have passed and there are many users who do not know what Cortana is and therefore do not activate it once they have installed Windows 10. This has undoubtedly led the Microsoft assistant to failure and looking to disappear sooner rather than later from the operating system. In fact, many users have chosen to uninstall Cortana directly.

For what has been the Microsoft assistant

Cortana arrived with high expectations and loaded with functions for its users, with which to be able to make all kinds of queries, carry out searches or even manage the system with our own voice. It even had a version for Android and iOS mobiles that stopped working at the end of last March. Since despite good intentions and thanks to little acceptance by users, Microsoft has gone taking them away from workings, leaving his assistant adrift and aimless.

Despite this, some users continue to use Cortana, since the assistant was created with certain doses of humor and still keeps some entertainment features active. Although searches and other functions have disappeared, it will answer some questions that can make us have a fun time, such as with riddles.

Cortana, tell me a riddle

The Microsoft assistant has been losing more and more weight within the operating system and with it the loss of functions that until not long ago we could do with it. However, we can still have good times, especially in times of boredom and ask curious questions, surely we will be surprised by your answers. One of the options we can do is ask him to tell us something, like a story, a joke, write us a poem or, why not, tell us a riddle.

To do this, with the Cortana application active we must write “Cortana tell me a riddle”, or simply “tell me a riddle.” In this way, the Microsoft assistant will show us a riddle, usually short. Together with it, it will also tell us the solution, so it can be useful as entertainment when we are with more people. One is in charge of reading the riddle and knows the answer, while the rest try to guess it.

Some of the riddles that Cortana is able to tell us are:

  • Guess who I am: the more I wash, the dirtier I get. Water.
  • He goes out for a walk at night, he has lights and he is not a car. The Firefly.
  • I go with my house on my shoulder, I walk without having legs, and I mark my footprint with a silver thread. What is it? The snail.
  • Highly regarded citizen, modern chameleon, up on your tree, you change color. The traffic light.
  • This bank is occupied by a father and a son. The father’s name is Juan and the son I have already told you. Esteban.

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