You’re going to pay a lot more for Amazon Prime: here’s what it will include

If we buy from Amazon, we will almost certainly pay for the Amazon Prime subscription. Thanks to it we can have advantages such as free shipping and delivery on the day, as well as other additional services that make it a little more attractive. However, similar to other services like Netflix, from time to time, Amazon applies a compulsory price increase to all users. The last upload took place 4 years ago, in 2018, adding many additional services since then. And unfortunately, the time has come to apply a new upload.

This very morning, Amazon announced a 25% increase in the price of your monthly subscriptionY 40% on the annual subscription, to all users. As of September 15, all users who have to renew the service subscription will pay 4.99 euros per month, or 49.90 euros per year. This represents an increase of 1 euro more per month, or 13.90 euros more per year. This is how it has begun to notify all users who are subscribed to the service through an email like this.

The company headed by Bezos argues that the rise is due to causes external to Amazon itself. In other words, it must to inflation and the increase in specific costs in Spain generated by her.

In this way, those users who renew their Amazon Prime subscription from September 15 will have to pay the new price. If our subscription expires before the date, and we renew, we can maintain the price for one more year without this increase.

What services are left on Amazon Prime

Almost everyone pays Amazon Prime for free shipping in the shop. When we buy something, managed by the store itself, we can receive it on the same day in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​or have free shipping in 1 day to the rest of Spain. This is its main attraction. But we also have many other benefits.

  • amazon video. The alternative to Netflix and HBO with a good number of series and movies ready to enjoy. In addition, the new and long-awaited series will soon be released «The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power«.
  • Music: Alternative to Spotify with 2 million songs. A service that, if we really want to take advantage of, forces us to pay an additional 9.99 euros per month.
  • Prime Gaming: service linked to Twitch thanks to which we can get free games every month (and very good titles, to be honest) as well as in-app purchases for many games.
  • Twitch Prime: content for the streaming platform, as well as channel subscriptions.
  • Prime Reading: For readers, it gives us access to hundreds of ebooks to read on the Kindle for free.
  • Amazon Pictures: unlimited storage in the cloud to save our personal photos and create albums in the purest Google Photos style.

In addition to all of the above, Amazon Prime users can also take advantage of Prime Day sales, as well as having priority when accessing other types of sales, such as Black Friday. In addition, we must take into account that, although it is not official yet, it is rumored that in the fall there may be a new Prime Day with more offers, similar to what we experienced less than a month ago.

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