YouTube announces news to stand up to Twitch

Who was going to say just a couple of years ago that YouTube could have competition …, but it appeared in the form of Twitch and the most incredible thing, it worked to the point that it is forcing the company of the Internet giant to modify its forms to prevent the bleeding starring the abandonments of streamers continue.

YouTube now announces more changes aimed at streamers of games feel more comfortable and supported, incorporating features similar to those found on Twitch, of course. Features like gift subscriptions and live redirection for when they’re on the job.

They tell everything on the official YouTube blog, where they also take the opportunity to get muscle, in case someone thinks that everyone in the gaming revolves around Twitch these days. Not so: YouTube has already accumulated more than 800,000 million views of content related to games, more than 90 million hours of live gameplay and more than 250 million videos about games.

Be that as it may, no one doubts the current supremacy when it comes to live streaming game content, but YouTube is not going to let itself down so easily. To fight back, YouTube will try to influence the aspects of Twitch that disappoint gamers, which are also there. However, the approach is multi-pronged: practical and monetizing.

In such a way that YuTube also boasts monetization methods for creators, including advertisements, royalties from premium subscriptions, Super Chat, Super Stickers, Super Thanks, the channel memberships themselves, the sale of merchandising and tickets or the reinforcement of content related to the brand.

But while the monetization methods are already working, the rest are not yet, although they have little left. The first thing they will launch from YouTube are the gift subscriptions, which will work in a similar way to how they do on Twitch, allowing different levels of payment with access to different levels of privileges for the channel in question.

The same will happen with the live redirect, that is, that the streamers can redirect viewers to other channels that are broadcasting live, once they have concluded their sessions, which is a very unique way for Twitch to trap users in a black hole of entertainment with which to “create community” or, In other words, grow the canals and pluck the kids.

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