YouTube could release a specific section for podcasts

For some time now, YouTube has begun to “show the leg” in the world of podcasts. And it is normal, since this content format, born in the middle of the first decade of this century, has experienced in recent years a second youth that, by numbers, ostensibly surpasses the first. Whether it’s because of the popularization of streaming, data plans for high-capacity smartphones, or because the house of Aquarius has aligned itself with Saturn and Ganymede, the fact is that its popularity has not stopped growing in the last two years.

In the first instance, it may seem a bit strange to link YouTube with podcasts, that’s true, since Google’s service is a video platform, and podcasts are, for the most part, only audio. However, on YouTube they seem to have found the ideal formula (which has actually been around for a few years, although not massively): camera-recorded podcastsa bit in the style of the video fragments that many radio stations upload, precisely, to YouTube.

Thus, a few weeks ago we learned that YouTube has launched a program to finance video podcasts, or videopodcasts, or videocasts or whatever we want to call them. The total budget with which the program has been endowed is not known, but it is known that the payments will go from $50,000 for individual authors to $300,000 for podcast networks. A very, very juicy proposal, which already made clear to us the interest of the platform for this type of content.

And today we know, from TechCrunch, that the company’s leaked documentation indicates that YouTube has plans to create a section, with a personalized home, for podcasts that are uploaded to the service. A section that would be accessed through the url that, to this day, is still inactive (when trying to access we will get an error message, in which we are told that the page does not exist).

In addition to the new section, YouTube will also improve its tools to add podcasts to the platform, which makes us wonder if it is considering offering only exclusive content or, on the contrary, si it is possible that it is open to content that can also be found in other services, as well as independent creations. Be that as it may, yes, it is clear that the prospects for podcasts are quite positive, otherwise Google would not consider creating a specific section of YouTube dedicated to them.

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