YouTube-dl disappears, discover the Android Auto 10.2 beta, this is the recap of the week

Say goodbye to youtube-dl, install the latest beta version of Android Auto, electronically sign your documents using Google Drive, this is the recap of the week.

Bad news for youtube-dl users, who will no longer be able to download music and videos via this site. Electronic signature functionality is finally coming to Google Drive and Google Docs, and the Android Auto 10.2 beta is now available. Prepare to no longer be able to communicate by text via Facebook Messenger and discover the “At a glance” widget which will soon arrive on all Android smartphones.

“At a glance” soon available on your Android smartphones?

This is the rumor that has been circulating on social networks for some time. While this feature has so far been reserved for Pixels, leaker AssembleDebug has confirmed the arrival of the widget on all Android smartphones, provided you have the Google app. If we do not yet know the deployment date, we imagine that everyone will be delighted to be able to use this particularly practical and useful widget.

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Text messages disappear from Facebook Messenger

The functionality that allows you to send and receive SMS via Facebook Messenger disappears. Indeed, Meta has announced that Messenger will soon no longer be able to be used as the default messaging application from September 28, 2023. If Meta has not given an explanation for this surprising decision, one can imagine that Messenger no longer does the weight against some competitors, including WhatsApp.

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Find out how to install the Android Auto 10.2 beta

The Android Auto 10.2 beta brings its share of interesting new features and it is now possible to download the update. The only requirement to register for the beta program is to have an Android smartphone compatible with the OS. Go to our dedicated news to discover all the new features and find out how to download and take advantage of the latest beta version of Android Auto.

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Youtube-dl closes its doors

If you were using youtube-dl to download music and videos from YouTube, be prepared to find the site offline. Indeed, after a legal battle which opposed Ubserspace, the company managing the hosting of youtube-dl, to Sony, Warner and Universal, the Hamburg court ruled in favor of the rights holders who can now be delighted to see the site permanently closed.

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The electronic signature arrives on Google Docs and Google Drive

The electronic signature feature is finally available on Google Docs and Google Drive. Whereas until now you had to print, sign, scan to return your official signed documents, you can now use the eSignature field to sign with your name, your initials or by hand. A handy feature that should delight users.

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Our tests of the week

Motorola Razr 40: a foldable smartphone for less than 900 euros

Do you want to treat yourself to a foldable smartphone but your budget is limited? The Motorola Razr 40 could catch your attention with its very aggressive price of less than 900 euros. We love its compact size, its wireless charging and its very good autonomy. Be careful, the manufacturer is of course saving money and this can be seen in particular in the ridiculous format of the external screen, the limited power, the external plastic coating or even the quality of the photos when using the digital zoom.

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OnePlus Buds Pro 2: Perfect for OnePlus phone owners

If you own a OnePlus smartphone, the Buds Pro 2 are for you. Otherwise, note that you will not have access to HD sound or spatialized sound. The Android and iOS application is perfect, the meditation mode is very pleasant and we love the acoustics and the autonomy of these OnePlus headphones. Beware, these are not the best in terms of active noise reduction.

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