YouTube Go is dead, Google will end the service in August 2022

YouTube Go will not have been able to find its audience. The lite version of the streaming app will disappear from the radar for good in August 2022, Google announced in a blog post. If the reason is probably a glaring lack of users, the Mountain View firm argues the main version is now quite optimized for less powerful smartphones.

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Who remembers YouTube Go? The application was well talked about when it was released in 2016, but since then it seems to have been forgotten. However, it has several arguments of choice compared to its counterpart. First, and this is the very reason for its existence, it is a slimmed down version of the standard YouTube, which allows it to run better on less powerful smartphones.

But that’s not all, since several normally paid features are free. This is for example the case of local video downloading. On the other hand, other options are missing, if only the comments to name a few. However, in Europe, the application has made very little headlines. And for good reason: with such specificities, it is primarily aimed at emerging markets, where entry-level and mid-range smartphones are kings.

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Youtube Go bows out

In a blog post, Google announced the closure of the application. This will take place next August. Officially, the firm has decided that its main application has received enough optimizations for YouTube Go to become obsolete. And in fact, in recent years YouTube has received a good number of updates that have gradually transformed it into a much more comfortable and practical tool.

However, it is most likely the lack of users on the Go version that prompted Google to make this decision, although the latter does not recognize this state of affairs. Therefore, the question of the future of the giant’s other “lite” applications arises. Google Go, Google Maps Go, Google Assistant Go or Gmail Go, all could also disappear in the near future.

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