YouTube: how to activate dark mode

The dark YouTube theme has been around for years on the platform, both for the web version and the mobile app. The procedure to take advantage of it is childish.

YouTube has been offering another graphic design since spring 2017: dark mode, officially called a dark theme. With it, you can stop using the traditional white background for a dark visual environment. This dark theme is easy to activate on the video platform, whether on its web version or on the mobile application for Android or iOS.

Enable YouTube Dark Theme

To take advantage of it, it’s simple: connect to your YouTube account and go to the top right of the screen, at the level of the icon displaying your avatar. Click on it and scroll down to the “Dark theme: disabled” line. Then, you just have to validate the parameter by checking the appropriate option in the following setting. The background of the browser will then turn from white to black.

To return to the old display, just do the manipulation in reverse order.

YouTube dark theme
The option can be found in the YouTube drop-down menu at the top right of the site.

Enable YouTube Dark Theme on Android

The same manipulation can be performed on Android or iOS. Launch the application on your smartphone and go to settings, by clicking on your avatar at the top right of the screen. Then select the general parameters then the line entitled “appearance”. You will have the choice between light theme, dark theme or device theme.

The different steps to be taken, framed in orange.

Note that access to the device theme depends on the version of Android that is installed on your smartphone – you must have at least Android 10 to have it. This option allows you to match the look of the YouTube application to the mood you have chosen for your mobile. The video site will then turn from white to black, depending on your settings. For the other versions, you have the choice between the two modes.

To return to the old display, do the manipulation in reverse order.

YouTube dark mode Android 2
Choose the setting that suits you (here, with the options specific to Android 10) and you will have the YouTube app with the dark theme.

Note that on iOS and Android, YouTube goes into dark mode depending on the system settings.

On ios :

  • Go to Settings
  • Touch Brightness and display
  • Choose the dark world or auto switch between light and dark modes

On android :

  • Go to the Settings
  • Touch Display and brightness
  • Choose dark mode or automatic activation of dark mode.

Article originally published on July 08, 2017 and updated on September 10, 2021

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