YouTube Music implements native support for streaming audio

Youtube music it continues to improve little by little and is close to what is expected of an alternative to Spotify, we said not too long ago. And so it goes, even though Google has “bet everything” on this bittersweet-flavored service that still lacks a good boil.

Proof of this is the characteristic that concerns us and that you may not have fully understood in the headline, that it gives for what it gives. We talk about the ability to send the music you’re playing to an external device, in this case via the web application, since the same thing could be done through the mobile application for some time.

Or, in other words, until now you could send what you were playing on YouTube Music to devices like the Chromecast, but “roughly”: you could send the entire tab or the video you were playing, as you can actually do with any web page through Chrome. This has not changed and can still be done, needless to add.

However, with the new update that the YouTube Music web application has received, you can also send audio stream only directly to an audio-only device, such as speakers or smart displays such as those governed by Google Home, Nest, or Assistant. Available devices will be displayed in the upper right corner of the interface.

YouTube Music | Image: 9to5Google

In short, a long-awaited function comes to YouTube Music due to the very nature of the service, which in practice continues to be a hybrid between YouTube and a kind of Google Play Music, but in theory it aspires to another model that is costing to get. And it is that to compete with Spotify and YouTube, it falls short in some aspects.

This characteristic, that of just send the streaming of music, and not all the content of the page, it was an outstanding debt that comes a little late. However, it was not a tragedy either, because although transmitting from the PC to audio-only devices is increasingly common, whoever does not have a mobile phone at hand to do so, must throw the first stone.

Be that as it may, Google has been testing the function of yore for a couple of months and according to reports, it is already being extended to all YouTube Music users, so if you were waiting for it, try to see if it has already reached you. .

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