YouTube Music is close to what is expected of an alternative to Spotify

Youtube music continues to polish itself in order to offer a worthwhile alternative to Spotify and similar services and prepares various changes that will be implemented shortly and that those who already use the application will like, but that will be able to attract – and here is the important thing – those who still they consider it an abortion without expectations.

And it is that YouTube Music is having a hard time catching up with its most direct rivals: in favor it has the largest catalog of all, with rarities in the form of live shows and exceptional material uploaded by users that is impossible to find on other sites; also the possibility of being able to upload up to 50,000 songs to listen to them streaming and without limitations, unlike the rest of the platform’s catalog.

Against it, however, YouTube Music has everything else: the audio quality is generally the worst, paid or not; the material is abundant, but the clutter reigns and the interface of the application does not help; and limitations such as not being able to listen to music in the background in the mobile app made it a slab, rather than an application with which to enjoy music.

But everything will change shortly. Specifically, from November YouTube Music will allow you to listen to music in the background with a free account, a feature that we already anticipated and that is essential for Google to place the service to the more users the better. In return, yes, it will adopt some of the typical restrictions of the competition in the free model, such as shuffling themes or jumping from one to another.

Secondly, continuous playback, unlimited skipping of tracks, or the ability to view video clips will be restricted exclusively to YouTube Music Premium users, in addition to the elementary approval of the payment plan, which is the absence of advertising throughout the experience.

In short, YouTube Music will be from November a service focused on audio for all users under the free plan in a very similar way to the offer of alternatives such as Spotify, Deezer and company. But remember: all the limitations, except for videos, do not apply to the music you have uploaded to your collection.

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