YouTube Music launches its Winter Recap

In case you didn’t have enough with the already traditional annual review that services like Spotify and the like carry out at the end of each season. YouTube Music Just Released Winter Recapor Winter Recap, because it never hurts to review what you’ve heard the most each season.

In fact, if YouTube Music began with its Recaps in 2020, it was from the past 202 when it began to segment the activity of its users even more, but in a less visible way than it is doing now. Thus, while if you are a regular user of the platform it will notify you that your Winter Recap is available, it did not do so before.

Before you had to search for the automatic playlists yourself, or in the specific section of Recap. You can try it right now if you want: you will come across recaps summer, autumn… Without going any further, next to the winter Recap that they announce now, you will see -or should- the one from last autumn 2022.

Returning to the one at hand what will you find in the winter YouTube Music Recap? Almost the same as in the annual: lists with the artists, albums and songs you’ve listened to the most, another with your favorite genres and playlist and a summary of everything, including the time you’ve spent playing music in minutes, which impress more.

Thus, this YouTube Music Recap does not include data that is in the annual edition such as the main trends, identity or difficult-to-find content. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, take a look at the article we published on the occasion of YouTube Music Recap 2022, since everything is explained there. On this occasion, however, it all comes down to personal use of the service.

A service, YouTube Music, which continues to grow, despite not yet being up to its competition in several areas. For example, the organization or the user experience. On the other hand, no other platform can boast of the immense and unique musical catalog that a platform like YouTube, a content giant nurtured by the users themselves, treasures. For those who go out of the ordinary, there is no competition worth it, certainly.

And be careful, because podcasts are coming to YouTube Music, another important added value with which to continue adding followers for the same reason: YouTube Music lacks certain things, but it makes up for it with its content, something that should not be underestimated.

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