YouTube Originals says goodbye, but Shorts and Premium remain

It has not curdled. YouTube Originals It began as a sort of Netflix initiative, through which the service would offer exclusive content beyond that generated by its youtubers and included in the YouTube Premium subscription, but… what has been said: it has not materialized and the company will end it this year.

This has been announced by Twitter Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s chief commercial officer, posting the message they’re sending to all creators participating in the program: YouTube Originals closes its doors…but YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s “TikTok mode”, will expand its budget to attract more creators. And it is that perhaps they could not compete with Netflix, but with TikTok they can, or at least they are going to try.

Going back to YouTube Originals, there is a bit of everything on offer and although what abounds are the cutradas typical of the youtuber in terms of content, that is, reality show and amateur humor series and the like, the truth is that yes, there was a bit of everything and with qualities of the level of the competition, read Netflix, HBO, etc. In our section of VOD News we have come to collect some of the most interesting.

For example, YouTube Originals gave rise to series such as space opera Origin or the futuristic comedy Weird City, although the platform did give life to a success, his big hit, you could say, that was Cobra Kai, the spinoff of the legendary Karate Kid. Indeed, cobra kai It left YouTube Originals, but after its second season and based on its success, Netflix took over the series.

‘Cobra Kai’ was the big hit on YouTube Originals

The idea of ​​YouTube Originals was launched in 2016, although it took a couple of years to materialize with content that attracted attention. Then, the company tried to make it work as a hook to increase YouTube Premium subscriptions, without success. According to the millions that the main video-on-demand services spend on content creation, it was an impossible mission to do it with crumbs, as Google intended.

Thus, the idea later changed to using YouTube Originals as additional content on the platform that, like the rest of the videos, could be consumed for free and would be financed through advertising. But it seems that the plan has not worked out either and here we are, announcing the end of YouTube Originals as we knew them until now.

Because… it must also be said, YouTube Originals may be over, but YouTube’s original content continues to be the order of the day thanks to the work of thousands of youtubers, on many occasions of high quality. Talent and dedication may not be enough to produce great action movies and series, but for other types of content it is more than enough.

On the other hand, what does not stop, but quite the opposite, is YouTube Premium, the plan that includes YouTube and YouTube Music without advertising and with additional options such as downloading content to play it offline for 11.99 euros per month and that By the end of last year, it already had more than 50 million users worldwide.

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