YouTube PWA will support video download for offline viewing

The YouTube PWA has been available since the beginning of this year and is a good example of a modern progressive web application, as you know a new generation of applications that take advantage of the main web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to create interfaces for Internet services.

Unlike mobile or desktop applications, these PWAs can run in any standards-compliant browser (all major developments), as well as other benefits such as push notifications, good performance, or increased functionality depending on the capabilities of the device and hence its name of Progressive.

YouTube’s PWA provides users a complete experience of the world’s leading video service, with optimized features and the interface design of a native application, thus adding the usability of mobile applications to the set of features of browsers.

Video Downloads on YouTube PWA

Considering that Google requires developers to add offline capabilities to their PWAs, the internet giant wants to set an example with a new feature that allows YouTube Premium subscribers download videos from the platform for offline viewing on ChromeOS.

The function is being tested in an experimental phase as a ‘case study’ and Google describes it as follows: ‘Watching videos offline on laptops and hybrid devices was one of the most requested features by YouTube Premium users, and the YouTube team has already received great feedback on the offline experience. With the new PWA, YouTube Premium users can get uninterrupted access to the content they love, even on the go. A user can download the latest videos from their favorite creator to watch on their Chromebook on a plane, in a coffee shop, or anywhere they don’t have a stable internet connection«.

It is a very cool feature that joins a YouTube PWA pretty powerful, as it has support for voice search, keyboard shortcuts, declarative link capture, webshare and many more functions. The experimental phase ends on September 10, but it would be expected to be definitively implemented to improve offline capabilities.

Google is one of the main supporters of these PWAs that allow to bring the usability of a native mobile application to the set of characteristics of a modern browser, taking full advantage of the advances in both areas of development. The benefits are obvious in allowing users to run them directly without additional steps. Most Internet services need a permanent connection, but there are also many useful functions to work offline as we have seen in this article.

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