YouTube to Require Two-Factor Authentication for 2 Million Accounts Soon

Videographers who are members of the “YouTube Partner Program” will be required to have dual authentication to continue to submit videos.

Account security on YouTube will undergo a notable change as of November 1, 2021. On that date, videographers who are members of the “YouTube Partner Program” will have the absolute obligation to activate two-factor authentication on their Google account. YouTubers now have less than four weeks to do so.

The upcoming entry into force of this measure was recalled by the Mountain View firm in a blog post dated October 5, which reviews the group’s plans to make the connection process safe and convenient. On Twitter, the official YouTube account already mentioned it on August 23.

Strong authentication is a process that adds a layer of protection to an account, in addition to the password. This mechanism has the advantage of always securing access, even if the password has been compromised. It takes the form of a second code, which is temporary, which can be retrieved on a smartphone (by SMS or via a dedicated application), which has been previously associated with the account.

Google takes a different approach, which involves one-click connections. Instead of having a code to enter somewhere, Google displays a page that asks you if it is really you who is trying to connect, giving you a few elements in the process: time of the connection request, approximate location and type device. So you can determine whether it is you or not.

It would be wrong to think that two-factor authentication protects everything, all the time. It won’t do much against phishing or a data breach. However, adding a second lock to the access door leading to your account is a plus: it increases the average level of protection, because you now have to cross two barriers, instead of just one.

The measure concerning YouTube does not cover all the accounts that offer videos, but only members of its program. However, it is still two million profiles that will switch to this new security regime. It is not excluded that in the long term, YouTube generalizes this requirement to everyone.

YouTube partner videographers need to prepare for a more stringent security policy. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

Two-factor authentication is becoming more widespread at Google

Google, by the way, is doing it more generally in its ecosystem. In his October 5 blog post, he announced that by the end of 2021, no less than 150 million accounts will automatically switch to this two-factor authentication based on login prompts. This is the continuation of a policy that was announced at the beginning of May.

Two-factor authentication is already an essential criterion for applying for the YouTube Partner Program. If people who are already members do not activate it as well, their access to YouTube Studio or to the YouTube Studio Content Manager will eventually be cut off. Enabling strong authentication on Google isn’t very difficult and doesn’t take too long – on other sites either, for that matter.

The policy followed by YouTube also exists for Twitch, but on a larger scale. This second protection is not required to view videos on the live video game streaming site. However, it is mandatory for anyone who wants to stream. Again, enabling two-factor authentication on Twitch isn’t very difficult – and highly recommended.

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