YouTube will force you to watch up to 5 minutes of ads before watching a video

If we usually watch videos on Youtube, we will be quite familiar with your announcements. And it is that the streaming video platform carries the Google brand everywhere. When we enter the platform we can see all kinds of banners, as well as sections with promoted videos. We can also see banners in different sections of the channels, and even in the playback window. But, without a doubt, the most annoying advertising is the one that appears, in the form of a 30-second video, before playing certain videos. Unfortunately, now these types of ads are going to get worse.

It is true that YouTube has lost a large number of users in recent years. And the thing, in addition, does not look to go to better. Users increasingly consume content on other platforms, such as twitch, and even directly through social networks. However, Google refuses to accept a drop in revenue caused by the loss of users, and its solution is simple: show more ads to users who continue to use YouTube.

Up to 10 ads impossible to skip

When we go to see certain videos on the platform we can find a type of advertising that is what is known as «unskippable ads«. These ads appear before the video loads, and have an average duration of about 30 seconds. When they finish, the playback of the video in question automatically starts.

Currently, the number of ads of this type that we usually see is 2 videos before starting to watch the video in question. However, Google is already testing the possibility of significantly increasing the number of such ads before videos.

As you can see, the company could imminently increase the number of impossible to skip ads to 5, 7, 8 and even 10. Considering that each of these lasts around 30 seconds, we are talking about 5 minutes of ads before watching a YouTube video. An atrocity. Taking into account that some ads are 12, 42 and even 60 seconds long, the time we will spend watching commercial clips can be even longer.

youtube ad

The solution: pay for YouTube Premium

This new situation leaves us with two possible options. The first is to jump through hoops and see the ads that Google wants us to see before watching a video, even knowing that sometimes the ad will be longer than the video itself. And the second, and the one that we believe is what Google is looking for, that we subscribe to YouTube Premium.

Just as if we pay for Netflix, HBO or Disney +, Google wants us to also pay every month to watch YouTube. This subscription allows us to watch all the videos we want without ads, in addition to allowing us to download the videos to watch them offline, listen to the audio of a video with the screen off, and even have access to YouTube Music.

The price of this subscription is 11.99 euros per month, with the possibility of trying a first month for free. We can also contract a family plan, to share it with 5 family members for 17.99 euros per month, or a student plan if we meet the requirements that they ask of us.

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