YouTube will no longer display how many ‘dislikes’ the videos have and this is the powerful reason

Social networks concentrate many users with different profiles, so it is natural for them to be happy, or dissatisfied, with certain content. In spaces like Facebook, this action is expressed through buttons such as “I like” to indicate to the person who made this content that they like it, in the case of Youtube it goes one step further with the “I don’t like it” button to indicate the opposite.

Under this scoop, some YouTube videos have become popular for breaking records of “dislikes” one of them recently was the trailer for Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare that until today has 3.9 million “I don’t like it” compared to the 645 thousand “I like it”.

The button does not disappear completely but the figure does

As of today, all videos will stop showing the amount of “dislikes” they have, although the button will not disappear, only the number shown on the screen will do it. The only people who can view this number are those who have access to the account that uploaded said video, through the Youtube Studio, there the content metrics will continue to be displayed in a normal way.

People will be able to continue giving “I do not like it”But the number will no longer appear publicly, according to the platform on its official website they say the following:

We want to create an inclusive and respectful environment where creators have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe to express themselves.

According to studies carried out by the company, it was discovered that when people do not see the number of “dislikes” on the screen, they are less likely to click on it, With all this, there was a reduction in attacks and bad behavior by people who use the platform, they also focused on those content creators who are just starting out and who receive bad treatment due to the number of dislikes,

Finally, all these studies that they did confirmed that negative attacks and “dislikes” occur in small channels and thanks to this, the disappearance of the number of “dislikes” will be a reality. This change will be gradual, it is expected that in the next few weeks it will be implemented in most of the channels.

With this, YouTube hopes that it will be a place with fewer attacks, and better coexistence, among its users as well as an inclusive and respectful environment.


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