You’ve seen Obi-Wan’s most hated before: she came out in Lady’s Gambit

The fans and their hates

One aspect that has caused a special stir since the premiere of the first chapter is the character of Reva, the Third Sister played by actress Moses Ingram. Many of the followers of the series were primed with her for that unstoppable impetus she has to hunt down Obi-Wan Kenobi, which made her a repudiable character, while others defended her claiming that she was consistent with the references seen in the order. of the Inquisitors within other products of the franchise, such as Star Wars Rebels.

The fact is that the actress has had a bad time in social networks, which is now beginning to normalize. After all, she is not a stranger inside the star system as began to make his first steps in the world of interpretation in 2018, combining her professional life with her work caring for 6 children… nothing more and nothing less.

However, what few will have realized is that this is not the first time that this actress has made an appearance on our screens, since appeared in one of the most successful series of the past year 2020. That’s right, we’re talking about the Netflix platform miniseries Queen’s Gambit.

How beautiful is chess!

The original production of the platform tells us about the life of Beth Harmon, one of the greatest prodigies in the world of chess. When this miniseries arrived at the end of that peculiar year 2020, was one of the television phenomena of that year, competing directly with blockbusters of the stature of The Money Heist either The Mandalorian. Such was its impact that many of the fans took advantage of that pull to learn to play chess and thus imitate what was seen in fiction.

Moses Ingram.

Okay, Well Moses Ingram gave life to Jolene, the best friend of the protagonist, played by Anya-Taylor Joy. Ingram was able to make the audience love a character who, within the story, did not have a leading role either. In fact, such was the success that the actress achieved with this role, that in 2021 would be nominated for the Emm awardsand in the category of Best Supporting Actress, as well as included by Variety magazine in the list of the 10 interpreters to take into account in the not too distant future. The truth is that it is not mucus of turkey, do not you think?

Although the character has not been to the liking of all fans of Star WarsThere is no doubt that the actress is doing a sensational job bringing to life a power-hungry Imperial Inquisitor determined to hunt down the most wanted Jedi Knight in the galaxy.

And you? Are you liking the character of Moses Ingram within the series of Obi-Wan Kenobi?

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