Zen 4 continues to drop prices and the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X sits at $569

The generation Ryzen 7000 of processors AMD It has been shown, most likely, as the biggest commercial failure of the company since the appearance of Zen architecture. Although the red giant has made a move by lowering prices and renewing the packaging, it seems that things are not improving, so it is being seen in some stores in the United States new price reductions, which who knows if they end up consolidating or are temporary.

The US version of Amazon made available a discount coupon of 10 dollars for the Ryzen 5 7600X, which has gone on to cost $239. For his part, he Ryzen 9 7950X, one of AMD’s crown jewels, can be found at $568.99 on Amazon and Newegg. It is important to take into account that the prices in the United States are without taxes due to the federal organization of the country and the great autonomy enjoyed by the states, so said amount in the Eurozone should be higher due to VAT and other factors such as the current weakness of the euro.

AMD is maneuvering to release the “X” models of Ryzen 7000, especially if we see that their commercial failure portends that they will enter into competition not only with the equivalent models of the previous generation, but also with the “non-X” that are just around the corner. The reference prices of the “non-X” models of Ryzen 7000 for Spain are already known, and they are 260 euros for the Ryzen 5 7600, 374 euros for the Ryzen 7 7700 and 487 euros for the Ryzen 9 7900.

The “non-X” models maintain the number of cores of their “older brothers”, but lower the TPD and the frequencies at which they work. Therefore, they are somewhat less powerful, but they are also very powerful processors that should be plenty for any average gamer and even many professional user profiles. Here one can mention the trend in the last decade of delegating optimization to the power of the hardware by the software development industry (in other words, that software developers could take better advantage of the hardware instead of just “occupying” it). ).

Ryzen 7000 has encountered a number of factors that have worked against it, such as motherboards that are still expensive, the requirement to use DDR5 memory and the fact that Intel Raptor Lake does support DDR4 and therefore works on many boards already on the market (something that is also influenced by the reuse of the LGA1700 socket). Another factor that has surely played against AMD has been the context of multiple crises in which we live.

We’ll see if these recent moves allow Ryzen 7000 to pick up even a little, but as long as some of the factors holding back sales are still there, it looks like AMD will continue to have a tough time.

AMD Ryzen 7000 models

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