Zenless Zone Zero is now official: first trailer and closed beta

Presenting its first advances just a week ago, this weekend Zenless Zone Zero (or ZZZ) has been officially introducedthe new HoYoverse title that bets on futuristic lines that remind us a lot of the successful Honkai Impact 3rd.

we are before an action RPG with a cyberpunk background (dubbed “urban fantasy”) with 3D anime style graphics and completely free access. Although without a doubt what draws our attention again is its wide compatibility, available for Android and iOS PC platforms and smart devicesanticipating the future integration with other platforms.

In line with the first advance details prior to its presentation, the game will take place in New Eridu, one of the few cities that survived the devastation caused by the Ethereals. Thus, we will take control of a squad called Proxy, who will enter the Voids, interdimensional labyrinthine spaces where they will have to face these beasts and complete different types of missions to obtain rewards.

As we can see in the new video, Zenless Zone Zero is presented under a model quite similar to that of Genshin Impact, with a fairly fluid and cinematic combat system, based on performing combos focused on Quick Time Events, based on player interaction. Although it is surprising that the company itself also mentions “a Roguelike gameplay mechanism”which predicts that we can possibly enter the Void independently, with a space that will always be changing.

In addition, the life of the Proxy will not be limited exclusively to the exploration of these spaces, but we will take part in a story of double life, combining an experience as a person on foot and an Ethereal hunter, telling with many social elements while we are on the streets of New Eridu.

Besides, already confirming a gacha modelWhile Hoyoverse hasn’t explicitly said at this time exactly how it plans to integrate monetization and micropayments into Zenless Zone Zero, everything points to the game employing a system similar to the one found in Genshin Impact, in which we’ll be able to use money from the real world to improve our chances of getting some of the most powerful members for our group.

Thus, although at the moment Zenless Zone Zero does not yet have a release date, currently we can now register to participate in the closed beta version of the game through its official website, with a first limited access for iOS and PC users.

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