Zero-cost financing at Apple exclusively for iPhones

The zero-cost financing of Apple products ended a few weeks ago on all of the Cupertino firm’s products except the iPhones. Each and every one of the iPhone models sold at Apple currently has the option of financing at zero cost, that is, without interest with the financed payment.

Logically to reach this type of financing a study carried out in Cetelem is required, entity in charge of financing in our country. Once the study is approved, we simply have to wait for the device to arrive.

This is an option that Apple seems to like a lot and that even a few days ago they implemented in Canada, adding this financing at zero cost to all the products they sell on the web and in stores. In our country they add it in a timely manner and now with the supposed arrival of new products it remains exclusively for the iPhone. In this sense, it is already a bit late to buy an iPhone 12 considering that in a little less than a month the new models are expected, but if any user is thinking of buying an iPhone 12 they know that both on the web and in the Apple’s official stores have this purchase option.

The best of all this is that it seems that the financing in Apple without costs will remain active throughout the year and the worst thing could be that the maximum time to divide the payments cannot be chosen by the user, always it will be 24 months.

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