Zero Trust: Protect your business with HP Wolf Security

If there is one thing that information security experts agree on, it is that 2023 is going to be a year in which cyber threats are going to multiply (even more); that these will be more sophisticated and that companies that want to give an adequate response will have to Invest more in cybersecurity.

In many cases, this investing more means betting on zero trust or zero trust approaches. This methodology, which more and more manufacturers are incorporating into their products, is based on the idea that no device or user can be completely “trusted”, even if it is inside an organization’s network.

In this sense, this approach replaces the physical location or membership of a specific group to determine if that device or user has access to certain resources, by the fact that each request must be verified and authenticated individually, betting for it by multi-factor authentication solutions and constant monitoring of the behavior of each device throughout the network.

Among the advantages of this approach are the fact that it reduces the risk of internal attacks, that it facilitates the implementation of additional security measures and that it also improves the flexibility and agility of the network, which no longer depends solely on securing the perimeter.

At a time when a large part of company staff work either remotely or hybridly, this type of approach has gained popularity, since it makes it easier for technology managers to carry out the company’s security policies. to the home of each employee.

One of the companies that is betting the most on this way of working is HP, which in its HP Pro Wolf Security program and starting from a zero trust approach, offers complete protection on any device, from computers to printers. You want to know more?

In this whitepaper we tell you how the company takes advantage of technologies such as firmware self-healing, in-memory threat detection, or the use of cloud-based intelligence to reduce the complexity and attack surface faced by IT departments today. Some of the most outstanding features are:

  • Cloud-based controller: a single command center to manage the security of your entire fleet of equipment.
  • Out-of-the-box pre-configured policies: allow for rapid deployment.
  • Constant security alerts: that allow users to be aware when malicious activity is taking place.

In addition to telling you all these features and how your employees can benefit from one of the easiest-to-use security solutions on the market, in this white paper we also tell you what value a partner like Bechtle can offer you when integrating it into your organization.

In this sense, it is worth noting that Bechtle has personnel specifically dedicated to the implementation and management of the solutions that are included within HP Wolf Pro Security. Specialists who analyze the client’s needs, align them with the protection of all their devices and complement them with a perimeter security service layer.

To find out everything that HP Wolf Pro Security can do for your company and how Bechtle can become your best ally, don’t miss this document. Download it now!

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