Zone 414: here’s the trailer for the action movie with Guy Pearce

The new film starring Guy Pearce Zone 414 is shown in the trailer released by Saban Films. Alongside Pearce we will find Matilda Lutz, Travis Fimmel And Jonathan Aris.

The science fiction action thriller, directed by Andrew Baird, will arrive in theaters and on streaming platforms on September 3, 2021.

Zone 414 is shown in the first official trailer

Thanks to the Saban Films Youtube channel, the trailer for the action movie Zone 414, a sci-fi thriller that in some ways recalls Blade Runner, starring humans and robots, has appeared online.

In the main role we find Guy Pearce (Iron Man 3), flanked by the Italian Matilda Lutz (Classic Horror Story), in search of the missing daughter of a magnate of the Zone 414. In the cast we also find Jonathan Aris, Travis Fimmel, Ned Dennehy And Johannes Haukur Johannesson.

In the not too distant future, Zone 414 is a colony of humanoid robots created by Marion Veidt, an obsessive tycoon (Travis Fimmel). When his daughter goes missing, he hires a private investigator, David Carmichael (Guy Pearce) to find it. To track down the missing girl, David joins Jane (Matilda Lutz), an advanced artificial intelligence, equipped with the same technology as its humanoid companions but self-aware, with all the emotions, feelings and dreams of a human being. Moving through the city’s treacherous streets, the two quickly piece the puzzle together to solve the mystery, but uncover a crime that leads them to question the origins of Zone 414 and the true purpose behind the “Robot City”.

The film, directed by Andrew Baird on a script by Bryan Edward Hill (Ash vs Evil Dead), will be released in theaters on September 3, 2021, simultaneously with the release on the streaming platforms.

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