Zoom adds focus mode function to reduce distractions

During the pandemic, both Zoom and other video calling platforms have seen rapid growth, allowing users to gain as all of these platforms they are continually improving the functionalities they offer.

A few months ago, Zoom added an immersive view feature, a feature that places all participants in a video call distributed in a study room, in a meeting room… To this function we have to add a new one, called focus mode.

When the focus mode is activated, the creator of the meeting, in this case it would be a teacher since it is focused on the educational field, allows the teacher to see all the participants in the meeting but students can only see the teacher’s image.

This function can be turned on and off at any time, so it is used while the explanations are being made and deactivated when creating a discussion in which the participants of the video call have to participate.

This new approach mode is available through the desktop application and can be used in any type of meeting, although it is obviously intended for teachers who teach at a distance, since it does not make much sense in family or work meetings.

The focus mode function is available in version 5.7.5, a version that is already available on the Zoo website for download. It should be remembered that Zoom is compatible with Apple M1 processors since the end of 2020, so if you have one of these models, you must choose wisely which version to download.

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