Zoom finances 13 companies in its second round of investments

Through the Zoom Apps Fund, Zoom has completed its second round of investments in its developer ecosystem by financing 13 startups with solutions ranging from collaboration and productivity, to virtual health and events, among others.

Zoom continues to strengthen its proposal with the aim of improving the way in which users connect virtually through its platform. To do this, through its background Zoom Apps Fund, has completed its second round of investments in the Zoom developer ecosystem.

It is an investment that is part of a $ 100 million global venture capital fund that seeks to support Zoom Apps and partners that create applications for the video conferencing platform.

With this new financing from 13 companies, the firm supports more than 25 that are part of the Zoom Apps Fund portfolio and that create solutions for Zoom as pointed out by Colin Born, director of Zoom Ventures, since “Zoom’s developer ecosystem remains critical to innovating the way users connect, collaborate and do more together”.

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This new round of financing is one more boost for these companies “Can continue to develop high-quality solutions that meet the changing needs of Zoom users around the world”adds Born.

Optimizing the Zoom ecosystem

In this new round of funding, the 13 companies in which it has been invested develop solutions for collaboration and productivity, as well as for games and entertainment, health and wellness, meeting intelligence and sales enablement, and PeopleOps and product experience.

As for collaboration and productivity refers, Allo,, Grain and Mio have been the four companies in which Zoom has decided to invest with proposals that range from the collaborative whiteboard application for remote and hybrid teams of Allo, to the improvement of collaborative virtual events of, Grain’s video recording, transcription and editing proposal, to Mio’s chat interoperability that allows Zoom Chat users to collaborate with external contacts from Microsoft Teams, Slack or Webex.

In the area of games and entertainment, Zoom has opted for Dive, an application that contributes to increase the level of employee engagement with productive, attractive and fun virtual meetings. But it has also invested in Funomena, which creates games for emerging platforms; and Hermis, which helps solve the challenge of distributed employee engagement with integrated and personalized virtual applications.

Zoom has also been very aware of the importance of investing in proposals for Health & Wellness such as Moxie’s, for exercising with virtual trainers, and Wellness Coach, a digital health platform with hundreds of trainers for individual or group coaching, and wellness tools with more than 3,000 sessions on demand.

In order to optimize the meetingsAvoma, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) meeting assistant, has also entered this second round of investment, which automates important tasks throughout the meeting life cycle, prepares agendas, transcribes and updates the CRM. Second Nature helps teams increase sales with an AI trainer who prepares reps through practice, feedback, and certification of any sales conversation.

And the last of the areas that Zoom has also invested in is in PeopleOps Y product experience through BuildBetter, a tool for managing, organizing, and sharing ideas to streamline product research. Likewise, it has also opted for Clovers, an intelligent interview platform that, through human intelligence, speeds up recruitment to place people in the most suitable job position.

With this, Zoom closes its second round of investments, after carrying out a first one last August in which it included more than a dozen companies to continue optimizing its platform.

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