Zoom incorporates email and calendar services and shakes Microsoft

zoom draws strength and allocates all its potential and energy to creating a new service model for its customers; email Y calendar. These novelties were presented at its annual event zoomtopia and are available in a beta version.

They will be similar to Outlook, but with technical improvements. They are already incorporated into the unified interface of Zoom One along with its other tools: meetings, Phone, white board Y fifteen

The arrival of ZoomMail Y Calendar makes Microsoft 365 Y slack begin to see how the market shrinks and the competition becomes suffocating. Zoom stays!

The email and calendar website now has the domain “”while plan customers Zoom One Business they will be able to create their own fully personalized domain.

The zoom calendars They will help meetings start more easily, without the need for links or having to see who is already in the room. It will also allow you to classify the video-meetings that have been completed and see a recording link without waiting for the staff to finish uploading it and manually sending it to the team.

Zoom began to be internalized in the day-to-day life of users after the pandemic. Work meetings, in pajamas and from home, became common during confinement. The sentimental dates went from the bar to the room of each of the members and the meetings between family and friends were with the mobile or the computer in hand. In 2020, due to the pandemic, it became the most downloaded mobile application in the world with 477 million downloads. And it is that in all those conversations Zoom appeared!

When Zoom TeamChat breaks into the market, Slack and Microsoft Teams began to see their territory invaded, but now the problem for them is increasing as the company incorporates video, instant chat and email services to make work more efficient. Zoom allows companies to choose their email service or host it for them if they lack an IT department.

Where are Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace now? Meetings were still done by Zoom, and that was something that the competition knew, but by incorporating these email and calendar services, providing maintenance security to companies, who wants to go back to the past?

Privacy as a bulwark of Zoom

Joseph ChongZoom’s chief product officer, publicly asserts that Zoom is end to end encryption within the users of the Zoom mail service, since they are aimed at small and medium-sized business customers who are looking for precisely the privacy and the comfort.

And it is that if they are given the same tool to send group messages, answer an email or start a meeting by video call, why get dizzy?

Other news

The irruption of Zoom is becoming more powerful and now incorporates two new tools:

  • Zoom Spots: It will be available starting in early 2023. Create seamless work interactions by keeping cameras on in a virtual co-working space.
  • Zoom VirtualAgent: Through Artificial Intelligence, this new chatbot model is created that solves customer problems and allows reducing the volume of calls received by human agents of the companies. It will also break in 2023.

About Zoom

It emerged on September 10, 2012. It is a video chat software program developed by Zoom Video Communications capable of offering video chat services for 100 users simultaneously and in a period of 40 minutes, extending to more participants with the payment plan.

It’s compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux Y Chrome YOU, having a simple, intuitive and very easy to use interface. Thanks to Zoom you can hold individual meetings, group video conferences and record or transcribe meetings. You can even select a virtual background to place behind users.

His update is constant and his ingenuity knows no limits. Zoom partnered with the Formula 1 to create a virtual club where fans could follow each scene and participate in virtual activities. The first experience was with the Hungarian Grand Prix in July 2020.

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