Zoom, OBS Studio and Canva land on the Windows Store

During the presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft announced by surprise the possibility of downloading and running basic Windows 32 applications from the new App Store. In addition, it allows to include the monitoring process of each developer within the application itself without having to depend on Microsoft. This has encouraged developers who have started integrating their applications into the new Windows Store.

New apps coming to the Microsoft Store

The new App Store coming to Windows 10 and Windows 11 it will be characterized by including important and expected changes within the business model of the Redmond company, as well as in its own interface. It will feature a new design, a better search experience and application integration through Amazon, AppStore, etc. Along with this, Microsoft allows Win32 applications to be hosted in the Store, expanding the range and establishing new development possibilities.

Yesterday we learned that WinZip 25 Pro is already available and that the CorelDRAW Suite will be added soon. Today, the OBS foundation, has published the application OBS Studio on the Microsoft Store, an open source video editing tool written in C, C ++, and Qt. In addition, it has begun to implement others such as Zoom, one of the most popular video calling apps and Canva, an online design editor. All this, just a day after the appearance of the first official Insider version of Windows 11.

Canva available in the Windows 11 Store

These applications all come with their latest versions as you would not expect otherwise. Thanks to the new Microsoft Store policy, we can now have one place to find and manage all of our applications, knowing that they come from a reliable, virus-free source. To find the applications, simply search for it directly in the Microsoft Store of Windows 11.

Greater security and number of applications

The new Windows 11 application store has started to walk with good premises. For this, it has begun to count on the incorporation of important applications that are highly demanded by users. This will allow us to download and update them in the safest way possible and without the need to resort to third-party pages of dubious reliability. And, as we well know, the difference between downloading from a website or from the Windows Store lies in the security for the user. And it is that in this way, we will be sure that the application does not contain any malicious element.

Additionally, Microsoft is making its app store open to everyone, showing its support for developers. As a result we will find modern UWP applications, classic Win32 applications, web applications and Android APKs within the Windows 11 store.

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