Zoom Phone already offers end-to-end encryption

Zoom continues to work to improve the security and privacy of its applications and services, and one of its latest moves in this regard has been bring end-to-end encryption to Zoom Phone, its popular cloud phone system, and to Breakout Rooms, meeting rooms for small groups that can be held separately from the main meeting held on Zoom.

Enabling end-to-end encryption communications are protected and data that is sent and received bidirectionally, meaning that all participants benefit from this protection measure. This technology can be activated on Zoom Phone as long as the calls are made between users who are included in a company account, something that also represents an added layer of security, although it must be enabled by the account administrators.

The PSTN call routing methodology is not yet supported, and it is important to note that call participants will need to have auto record offotherwise end-to-end encryption won’t work.

In the case of meeting rooms for small groups, each group may have its own encryption key, although as with end-to-end encryption on Zoom Phone, it will be necessary for company account administrators to enable this technology, otherwise it will not be available to users.

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As some of our readers may know, Zoom started implementing end-to-end encryption in October 2020. This arose as a response to the controversy generated by said platform in terms of security, and also as a protection measure against the tendency of some users to join calls and events to which they had not been invited.

At first, Zoom raised brings this feature to paying users onlythat is, he conceived it as a premium feature, but in the end he chose to make it available to all users of said platform, including those who were limited to the free mode.

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