Zyxel introduces new multi-gigabit switches for SMEs

The company, Zyxel Networks, has launched the new XMG1930 Series Multi-Gigabit Lite-L3 Smart Managed Switch. the new series XMG1930 is aimed at providing SMEs, system integrators, managed service providers and small internet service providers with an ideal solution to adjust to the increase in bandwidth demand with updates to WiFi 6, WiFi 6E and
WiFi 7.

Preparing the network for the future

New for SMBs, the new XMG1930 series offerse a high-density multi-gigabit switch of 10G uplinks that adapt to the fiber and copper infrastructure. This provides greater extensibility and resiliency for network expansion, allowing Internet Service Providers to upgrade speeds from traditional 1G to 2.5G for end users without the need for rewiring, thereby ensuring the future of your networks.

The two models of the XMG1930 series are equipped with 24 multi-gigabit 2.5G ports for wireless access points, servers and workstations, to bring users higher bandwidth.

By enduring so much PoE+ and PoE++ with 700W For energy savings, the XMG1930-30HP model can accommodate a wider range of PoE devices that require a higher power budget, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, POS systems, WiFi 6/6E access points, and even future WiFi 7 end devices once
that have been implemented.

Easy and flexible network management

With NebulaFlex hybrid management support, Zyxel’s XMG1930 series gives users the option to manage the switches through the traditional on-premise method or through the free cloud platform. This means that they can decide the management method that best suits their network environment, at any time.

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Zyxel’s Nebula is a service management platform that provides remote management and monitoring the network from anywhere. Currently, it is the most comprehensive cloud network solution for SMBs, supporting up to 80 different types of devices including WiFi 6 access points, multi-gigabit switches, firewalls, and 5G mobile routers. Users can seamlessly manage all connectivity and security from a single pane of glass.

The XMG1930 series switches have been designed to help users with increasing demands on bandwidth.”, he comments Gonzalo Echeverria, country manager of Zyxel Iberia. “As new technologies are updated with higher capacities, multi-gigabit connectivity must keep up with changes to ensure devices can continue to function as intended. These new switches have been created to unlock the potential behind network bottlenecks and increase the speed of services.”

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