Zyxel Networks Launches Cloud Email Security (CES) for SMB Security

The manufacturer of secure home and business network secure solutions, Zyxel Networks, has just announced its new cloud-based SaaS solution. Cloud Email Security (CES) It is a new step in the trajectory of the company.

Flexible work models have become commonplace in many industries over the past 18 months. But despite the benefits it brings, it represents a challenge for network administrators in SMEs, as they must strive to keep users safe. remote workers from increased threats and often with low budgets and resources.

Recent market reports ensure that mail servers have been one of the top three assets targeted by security attacks in 2020, so SMEs must ensure that they are not vulnerable to such breaches. Zyxel’s Cloud Email Security solution has been created to help SMEs defend their mail servers against cyberattacks, without having to change the existing network infrastructure.

The solution incorporates anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spam and TLS encryption. In addition, it provides SMB network administrators with a comprehensive cloud-based email security solution ideal for protecting a distributed workforce from increasing threats.

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Comprehensive cloud-based management

To make it even easier for small and medium businesses to protect email servers, the application is cloud-based. This means that there is no hardware to install to work in harmony with any existing network infrastructure or security solution. By using the tool, SMEs will not experience no interruption in email service nor in contact with customers and staff.

A comprehensive administration panel gives network administrators the ability to manage, monitor and analyze user and mailbox behavior to easily detect any potential threats without the need for an explicitly dedicated IT or security team.

Flexible email security

Similarly, CES is an easy-to-use and flexible service. subscription based which can be licensed to five, 10, 25, 50 users as the business grows. It supports cloud-based systems such as Office 365 and Google and local email servers, ensuring that networks are protected no matter where staff or servers are located.

Gonzalo Echeverría, country manager of Zyxel Iberia explains that: “The challenges faced by SMB network administrators today cannot be ignored. Their role parameters have changed, and the distributed nature of employees across multiple locations and geographies has tested their ability to protect the network from increasingly sophisticated and persistent threats. The market launch of our Cloud Email Security solution alleviates this tension and helps SMEs better protect their networks as they adopt hybrid work as a management model ».

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