Best Free Putlocker Alternatives: Tried and Updated

Putlocker is a great place to view videos online, especially because it’s free. You may watch cartoons, TV series, anime, and movies on its vast streaming collection. Still, the website faces ongoing legal action for disseminating information that is protected by copyright. It is, therefore, inaccessible in Australia, France, Germany, and the US, forcing users to search for the finest free alternatives to Putlocker.

After Putlocker’s hosting company took it down in 2016, malware-filled mirror websites that looked much like the original website started to appear. These websites risk users’ security and privacy. Therefore, the top free Putlocker substitutes are essential as they provide a more dependable and safe experience.

Best Putlocker Alternatives – Quick List

  1. Solar Movies: It’s easy to use and browse because of its straightforward UI.
  2. AZMovies: You may stream your preferred HD TV series and films. It is a joy to watch AZMovies.
  3. Vudu: It offers relevant information about movies and TV series, such as the release year.
  4. Crackle: A website with fewer obtrusive advertisements. It increases your streaming experience to the next level.
  5. PopcornFlix:The absence of advertisements is this website’s finest feature.
  6. FlixTor: You don’t need prior experience navigating this site; it is quite straightforward.
  7. Prime Wire:The homepage includes TV series, movies, a search bar, and personalization choices.
  8. 123Movies: Many movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons, and Asian dramas can be found here.
  9. FMovies:The database is refreshed daily with quick streaming servers.
  10. MoviesJoy: It is a free portal, but you must create an account to view anything. Just create an account and start streaming.

Mirror Websites for Putlocker


Here are a few examples of working proxy websites for users. As these are not official websites, use a VPN to safeguard the security and privacy of your device.

Top Putlocker Alternatives – Detailed List

1. Crackle


Sony owns Crackle, a well-liked free Putlocker substitute with a wide content selection. Because it provides quick streaming and fewer advertisements, customers choose it frequently. Crackle is a well-liked option since its material is refreshed daily, even with its antiquated web layout. Users can, however, run into problems with localized servers; these can be fixed by utilizing a reliable VPN service.

2. Vudu


Vudu is a reliable substitute for Putlocker, which you can use to stream movies and TV shows. You may watch movies from the early and late 1990s here with one of the biggest movie libraries.

The website offers many customization choices, is aesthetically pleasing, and is easy to use. Relevant information about films and TV series is available, including the cast, release year, genre, video quality, and synopsis. In addition, streaming material may be filtered according to rating, age, year, and subtitles.

3. AZMovies


Another excellent Putlocker substitute that is free to use is AZMovies. However, you can create an account. Your preferred HD movies and TV series are available for streaming. As the name implies, having a sizable collection of movies in various genres and streaming them is ideal.

Though rather busy, the online interface is beautiful. To simplify the search process, you may utilize the search bar. The abundance of advertisements on AZMovies is by far its worst flaw. These advertisements appear pop-ups when searching, streaming, or clicking on a link. Installing an ad-blocker is a good way to prevent ads from bothering you.

4. Solar Movies


Solar Movies is another trustworthy Putlocker alternative that lets you watch your preferred TV series and movies for free. The most popular, most watched, and most user-rated material may be used to narrow out the selection. Even though it asks for registration, you can bypass it and begin watching as a guest. It is very useful for new consumers.

5. FlixTor


Another name on the list of top Putlocker substitutes is FlixTor. You must create an account to view movies and TV shows for free. This place features works in every genre, including drama, sci-fi, comedy, horror, and romance. Pick a movie or TV series, hit the play button, and enjoy internet streaming.

FlixTor adds the newest films and TV shows to its database every day. Users won’t have any issues using or navigating this easy-to-use website. Thanks to the user-friendly design, streaming is now much simpler and more enjoyable. You will experience very few ads, and you can enjoy high-quality content without lagging.

6. PrimeWire


It is one of the greatest Putlocker alternatives. It includes thousands of movies, films, shows, etc. You can stream in high quality will fewer ads. The streaming material may also be sorted by title, most viewed, genre, nation, release year, and most recent addition. Additionally, you are welcome to share your experiences to improve the clients’ service.

7. PopcornFlix


It is also a great alternative to Putlocker. It has a huge movie collection. It’s a great internet resource that provides buffer-free, free HD streaming. You can also enjoy no ads and stream in high quality on the go. You can also download the content if you have an internet connection.

The database is updated daily for the greatest service. It is one of the top and well-known for its easy-to-use interface. New users can also use it without hesitation and access their desired content.

8.  MoviesJoy


It is another substitute for Putlocker for streaming movies and TV series. It features a vast content repository with a wide range of genres. Although it is a free internet streaming service, you must create an account.

Users won’t have any problem locating their favourite streaming material on this website because of its slick and beautiful layout. It also has fewer advertisements than other substitute websites, which is a big plus for moviesJoy. The content collection is regularly updated so you won’t miss any new releases.

9. FMovies


Another excellent option for Putlocker is FMovies, which offers free online movie streaming. Nevertheless, create a user account to see your preferred HD movies. In addition to watching movies, you can view TV series and store them for later viewing.

The website’s interface is simple and easy to use. Everything is easily found on the webpage and won’t cause problems. It sorts TV series and films according to popularity and newness, facilitating the search procedure. You can access unlimited data in Fmovies in HD.

10. 123 Movies


The greatest Putlocker substitute with the largest streaming collection is 123Movies. Although its name implies it is the greatest movie streaming website, it also features a big library of TV shows, anime, cartoons, and Asian dramas. It includes TV shows and movies from China, Japan, Korea, and the US in various genres.

The website is free and does not require an account. It features an easy-to-use, elegant, navigable user interface, a search bar, several sections, and a neatly structured design. You can easily stream in HD with fewer ads. It is well known for its huge categories of content.

How to Safely Use Putlocker

Because of piracy, Putlocker usage is prohibited in several nations. However, you may still access the website through the mirror sites. While the mirror sites offer the same experience as Putlocker, they risk infecting your device with malware and viruses. You must use them safely if you don’t want to affect your deception.

Set Up a Trustworthy Antivirus Program

Install a trustworthy antivirus program or the finest anti-malware utility on your device. The program looks for possible malware, spyware, and viruses and removes them before they damage your device or private information.

Establish a VPN Connection

Install a trustworthy VPN service to safeguard your online privacy. When circumventing regional limitations and unblocking streaming material, a VPN is the ideal option. Furthermore, it conceals your true IP address and offers end-to-end encryption. It prevents anyone from tracking you and keeps your streaming activity anonymous. It will keep your data safe online and protect you from online threats.


Putlocker provides a vast collection of movies, Asian dramas, anime, cartoons, and TV series. You may visit this free internet streaming website without creating an account. However, the original website is no longer operational, so anything you see online mirrors it. Because of the pirated content on these websites, they are dangerous. Furthermore, they raise the possibility of viruses, adware, and malware invading your device. As a result, you should begin utilizing the top free Putlocker substitutes. You should select from the best, which will help you provide top-quality content.

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