Chrome wants to make it easier to know if a page is secure

Chrome shows the security information of a website

Precisely at surfing the Internet we can find many problems that put security at risk. There are many types of threats, malware and errors that in one way or another could affect us. This means that we must always be aware of whether or not that site we are visiting is secure.

There’s a lot pages on the internet that are not encrypted, which do not have the guarantees in order to protect the privacy of the users. This is inevitably something to keep in mind. That is why browsers usually alert when we enter a page that is HTTP or show us a green padlock indicating that it is really encrypted.

The news is that now Chrome plans to change that icon, that green padlock, for a drop down arrow so that users can obtain more data related to that page they are browsing. This is useful for obtaining more information.

With this measure that they plan to implement from the Google browser, users will be able to click on the arrow icon and thus have more information about the certificate (if it is valid or not), the number of cookies in use, as well as the settings for that site.

Does not affect insecure connections

Although Google Chrome wants to make it easier for users to have more information regarding the safety of the sites they visit, there will be no changes to the unsafe pages. That is, the warning that that particular site is not encrypted, which appears when it is HTTP, will continue to be displayed.

It must be borne in mind that precisely the fact of browsing sites that are not encrypted it is one of the main reasons why there may be a security problem. The information we send is not encrypted, something that could expose our data if we enter from a public Wi-Fi network, for example.

Therefore, whenever we find the Chrome warning indicating that this website is not encrypted, we must take precautions. By itself it does not mean that this page will be dangerous, but we must avoid risks. Sometimes problems arise such as the browser not having access to the Internet and it is convenient to see if the error is from the site we are visiting.

Also, another point to keep in mind is that an encrypted page could be dangerous as well. It can contain links to unencrypted sites and even have malware. Therefore, even if we enter HTTPS pages, it does not mean that we are already fully protected. We will always have to take safety precautions when sailing.

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