Coalitions: Phalanx’s new game is on Kickstarter

Phalanx (Hannibal and Amilcare, U-boot) has recently launched its new one Kickstarter campaign for the financing of Coalitions, a new board game theme historical.

With Coalitions Phalanx takes us back to the period between the 18th and 19th centuries

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars were a rather tumultuous period both in France and in the rest of the Old Continent. And it is in this sparkling historical period that it is setCoalitions, the last one board game published by Phalanx, up Kickstarter just these days.

Coalitions is a negotiation and conflict game set at the time of the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. As they maneuver between neutrality and joining one of the coalitions, the players vie for domination of Europe. Victory can be achieved by winning battles and controlling disputed territories. It is played on a board that depicts a very simplified vision of Europe and that recalls a map drawn by diplomats during the fervor of the negotiations.

We will be able to choose one of the six major European powers of the time: France, Great Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia and the Ottoman Empire, each with a certain number of territories and its own host of generals, units and personal battle cards.

Coalitions is a title for 1-6 players, ages 14 and up, which is played simultaneously and has a duration of 60-120 minutes per game.

The turns are guided by the Wheel of War, and in each of them each nation can perform only the action indicated on the wheel itself. We will take turns collecting taxes and income, mobilizing troops, conducting diplomatic actions, collecting victory points, moving units and conducting battles. Regardless of the situation, downtime will be further reduced thanks to the presence of a unique feature of the coalitions: the Activator system.

When the Wheel of War indicates that it is the nation’s Movement phase, that nation must indicate another non-allied nation and name it as the Activating Nation. Then, after carrying out the Movement, the nation can turn to the Activator to obtain permission to move again for the second and even third time, which favors an intense interaction given by the diplomatic negotiations that will arise at the table to obtain these “permits. “.

The motion actions often they will lead to the battle and to win it will be the nation that will engage the major force, which will be counted according to the number and strength of the generals and units participating in the battle but also by the battle card support. Additionally, armies in adjacent territories will be able to support the battle by adding their strength.

After a successful battle, the conquered territory can be garrisoned by the victor while the defeated units will be destroyed and removed, while the defeated general will withdraw from the game. Any territory not originally controlled or contested will bring the controlling nation additional income and / or victory points in subsequent rounds.

Countryside Kickstarter for Coalitions it has already reached the minimum target for funding when it is still missing 25 days from the end of the same and there is also one Italian version of the game upon reaching at least 150 backers coming from the boot (at the moment there are about thirty of the over 600 who have already financed the project Phalanx).

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