Dune: Imperium, first expansion announced

Say Wolf announced the arrival of the first expansion dedicated to board game Dune: Imperium, whose name will be Rise of Ix.

Let’s find out together what has been revealed of the new expansion dedicated to the title created by Paul Dennen and set in the Dune universe.

Rise of Ix is the first expansion of Dune: Imperium

With a video presentation in which Paul Dennen is Justin Cohen told us about the new contents, Dire Wolf has announced the arrival of the first expansion of Dune: Imperium. The game designers showed some of the new Imperium, Intrigue and Conflict cards, a couple of new leaders, and introduced some of the new mechanics.

The expansion owes its name to planet Ix, home of the Ixians. This is the faction that, despite the technological ban following the Butlerian Jihad (the great war against artificial intelligence that took place millennia before the events narrated in Dune), has continued to create and develop technologies often used by other great houses.

And it is precisely on some of these technologies that the Rise of Ix expansion focuses, such as i dreadnoughts, portentous war machines that will come to the aid of the many vying for control of the planet Arrakis.

Rise of Ix is expected around Christmas 2021, at least in the English edition. We will let you know if Asmodee Italia, after the excellent success of Dune: Imperium, will decide to bring its first expansion into Italian as well.

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