Forests of Pangaia, still for a few days on Kickstarter

There are still a few days left to contribute to the realization of Forests of Pangaia, a board game whose campaign is enjoying great success on the platform Kickstarter.

Let’s take a closer look at this strategic title for 2 to 4 players of Thomas Franken.

Forests of Pangaia, shortly the end of the campaign on Kickstarter

Forests of Pangia is a board game from Pangia Games, which is running a campaign on the crowdfunding platform that has won over 5000 supporters at the moment.

The green spirit of the title can be felt starting from the setting. At the beginning of time, the goddess Gaia created the first trees, and aeon after aeon, they multiplied all over the continent of Pangia, bringing life to every corner through their roots and their branches. Each of the 4 players controls a spirit, whose aim is to help trees (of their own color, it is always a competitive title) to multiply as much as possible. The duration of a match is between 40 and 60 minutes.

The trees are immediately striking, the heart components of the game, which will be made of wood. In addition to this, Pangaia Games has worked with two different realities to bring some more trees also on our Earth, not only on Pangaia. In fact, thanks to the agreements made with Tree-Nation and Treecelet, this game will be a zero impact title in terms of CO2 emissions, and a tree will be planted for each pre-ordered copy!

You can find the Forests of Pangaia Kickstarter campaign at this address; but hurry up, the campaign will close on July 16th!

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