Free up space on your desk with these compact keyboards for less than 50 Euros

Although the keyboards, by boat soon, have not evolved much, we currently have a wide variety of formats. We can find different keyboard formats on the market, from the complete ones to 60% type keyboards, which are much more compact. Indeed, we have found several type keyboards 65% that have up to 23% discount.

For those who do not know what a 65% type keyboard is, say that these are 35% smaller than a full format one. We understand full format when it has the function keys, accessory keys and the numeric keypad. It is precisely all these keys that are not present on this type of keyboard.


More and more users want a fairly clear desktop or in many cases, they have little space. Both for one and for the other,s 60% format keyboards They are ideal. This type of keyboard maintains the letters and the numeric keys and in most cases, with a combination of keys, you can access the function keys, among others that are integrated as a second layer.

In this case, the Mars Gaming keyboard integrates the function keys, lighting management, arrow keys and other advanced keys in a combination system. Pressed the “FN” key we can access a second keyboard layer that allows us to do more things.

Something interesting about this keyboard is that it is completely white and backlit. Said backlighting is managed directly from the keyboard, being able to access different modes and allows adjustment of brightness or speed of movement.

Does this keyboard have OUTEMU PRO mechanical switches They offer great precision and durability. Regarding connectivity, the interesting thing is that we can connect it with the included USB-C to USB-A cable. In addition, it allows connect it to consoles such as Xbox Series X or PS5, as well as the Nintendo Switch or Smartphone.



The next solution that we bring you is not a pure 60% type keyboard, but rather a keyboard type 65%. This type of keyboard adds a few extra keys, including the arrow keys, delete, page up, and page down. Although this keyboard Ozone Gaming is somewhat larger, it is still extremely compact.

This keyboard stands out for having mechanical switches OUTEMU RED. These switches are characterized by offering enormous reliability. They are the most reliable of the brand for gaming, they are also very quiet and with a reduced travel. They have one durability of 50 million keystrokes and anti ghosting technology of six simultaneous keys.

How could it be otherwise, this keyboard has full RGB lighting. Through the software we can customize the keyboard lighting, as well as create up to six macros.

The keyboard, on the other hand, does not have a cable, or rather, the cable can be removed. Count with one USB-C port so that we connect the keyboard to our computer. It also offers a Bluetooth connection to connect it to other devices, such as a android smartphone. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s website does not specify anywhere the autonomy of the keyboard.


Lexon AK33

To finish, we bring you this compact keyboard that is also format 65% which is totally white. This is a curious keyboard that, in addition, does not have RGB lighting, but it has static blue lighting. The combination of white and blue generates a very interesting and attractive cold effect.

Do you use this keyboard blue type mechanical switches, but the manufacturer is not specified. So it is impossible to give more information regarding their characteristics or durability. This is something I don’t like, because when I buy a product, I want to know all the features and specifications of it.

The cable is not anchored, it can be removed, something that facilitates the transport of the keyboard. does not tell us neither the type of connector you use, although it presumably uses a USB-C connector. In my view, too little information for a keyboard that is not very cheap either, since €46 on sale is already an important price. Personally, I would buy the other two shown before, as they are more recognized manufacturers.

lexon ak33

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