LG will supply OLED screens for iPads in 2024

LG will provide OLED screens for the next Apple iPads. Release scheduled for 2024, at the earliest.

The brands that work for Apple are not always the ones you think. If TSMC or even Foxconn are known above all to be companies that are part of Apple’s production and supply chain, other big names in tech also have a place of choice in the manufacture of Apple devices. .

This is particularly the case of LG, the South Korean firm is known to the general public for its televisions with incredible screens, but the Seoul company is also at the origin of the screens of certain iPhones, but also tablets of Apple. And this contract with the Cupertino company’s iPads could become even more substantial in the coming years.

Indeed, according to the latest report from ETNews, Apple and LG have strengthened the ties of their partnership and a new agreement has been reached between the two companies. In the latter’s terms, we learn that LG is responsible for a large order of OLED screens for iPads in 2024.

LG will make the screens of the iPads of the future

Information that coincides very well with the rumors that we already had at our disposal regarding the future of Apple’s tablets. Indeed, according to several sources, Apple should put OLED on its tablets during the year 2023, surely on the iPad Pro at first, then in 2024 it is possible to imagine iPad Air, or even iPad Minis with an OLED screen.

LG would therefore be in charge of the production of these screens. A fairly logical announcement when you look at the choices made by LG in recent months. Indeed, the brand had decided at the beginning of last year to withdraw from the production of LCD screens. Since then, informants in South Korea have announced that the Paju production site has changed a lot, which would be ready to accommodate OLED screens and produce them in large quantities.

A gamble for LG?

According to the analyzes published on this factory, the production capacities of OLED screens could still double by 2024. LG therefore seems to be trying a real gamble, and the brand is betting everything on the next tablets from Apple. It should also be noted that the production of OLED screens for tablets should not be too great a technical challenge for LG, which is already an expert in the manufacture of this type of screen, the tablet format also being less demanding than that of smartphones.

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